Monday, June 29, 2020

'Chive Cast 107 - 8D8: The Tortured Torture Droid

How’s Business? Programmed to be pain! 

Skye and Steve talk torture with this episode about 8D8 and his role in Jabba’s Dungeon. We get into the original designs, proof cards, Cromalins, prototypes and playsets. Then, completist extraordinaire Duncan Jenkins joins to talk about some unloved international cards and has his first installment of “How Duncan can you get?” Plus, a MarketWatch game with branding stakes.

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06:48 – 8D8 Character Talk
16:55 – Original Design (Behind the Steve)
21:31 – Skye-Ku
23:36 – 8D8Cardback Art
27:32 – Trilogo and POTF 8D8
30:05 – Nugget: Jabba’s Dungeon Conceptual Mock-Up
34:09 – Nugget 2: Jabba’s Dungeon Cromalin
38:37 – Vintage Vocab 2-Up
41:13 – Deb-8D8: Deal or No Deal
45:14 – Unloved Items (featuring Duncan) Myojo Noodle Cards
52:46 – Peruvian Pepsi Cards
55:45 – How Duncan Can You Get!?! Fancy British Stationary by HC Ford
1:01:23 – Bradley Radio Headphone Watch
1:05:17 – Japanese Jedi Press Kit
1:09:58 – Kidnap Headboard
1:14:11 – Dairy Time Yogurt Display
1:21:58 – 8D8 MarketWatch Game
1:32:11 – Pointless Outro

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