Thursday, April 18, 2019

'Chive Cast 98 - 'Chive Cast vs. The Filthy Patch Traders

Hear Skye and Steve live from the Collectors Social Lounge podcast stage and from the show floor of Celebration Chicago 2019. We talk about the Archive Party, C-3POs eating competition, the Archive's Collecting Track panel, grooming Wookiees, buying lobby cards and interview Derby, Salvatore, Lev, Warren and our very own Grammy Daddy. All this and some iffy sound quality on the 98th Vintage Pod.

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02:10 – Jasper Nixon Returns
05:56 – Archive Party IV Recap
09:31 – C-3POs Eating Competitions
12:07 – Positivity and mending rifts
14:09 – Talk about the Panel
16:15 – Skye’s Big Purchase of a Plush Display
23:43 – Steve’s Lobby Cards
27:40 – Canadian Paploo
30:50 – Anthony “Grammy Daddy” Spinnickie announces contest winners
34:45 – Ron Salvatore Hates Star Wars (and the podcast)
39:30 – The Rocket Fett
40:56 – Tom Derby joins the show briefly
46:33 – Bruce White Talks Leia
49:21 – Jasper from the Show Floor
50:51 – Interview with Lev (from Toy Tokyo) about his last Uzay
53:04 – Warren Tells a happy tale
56:17 – Skye Meets the New Chewbacca


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Celebration Chicago Fan Swag Round Up: Part 2

Amy writes:

 Ready or not, Celebration is here! Without further delay, here is the second part highlighting collector giveaways at the show.  For a recap, check out the first installment here.

Mouse trap - Chris and Stephanie Riehle

Star Warriors patch set - Vincent Michael, Michael Tricomi, Gordy Owen, Rob Amantea


Archive Party sticker - Robin Bocra

Swag Hunter button - Shawn Moynihan


Button - Warren Rehberg


Buttons and folder - Thorsten Sith, Stefan Kluth

Droids puzzle patch - Line Force, Norwich SW UK, Worldwide Flag of Friendship, Flying Solo, Mandalorian Mercs, NESWCC


Funeral card - Matt Haynick

Ewok coins - Mike Kurtz


Tee pin - Nerdmatters


Carded pin - Peter LeRose


Vintage pin - Ian Trussler


Patch set - various fan sites


Patch set - FL, OH, IN, KY, PA, NY, TX, D.C


Pin - Brad Portnoy

Soundstage Tunisia colorforms set - Brian Horner

5th anniversary wooden nickels - Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community

Card pins - Arizona Thug Life

10th Anniversary pins - CAVSWCC

National Parks vintage travel postcards - CAVSWCC

This year, swag donations are being accepted in the Collector Social Lounge room W476 to benefit Rancho Obi-Wan. Donations will be on display from Thursday to Saturday mid-day. The auction will be held on Saturday in the Collecting Panel Room.

I'm off to pack. See you in Chicago!  Kool and the Gang says it best, "bring your good times and your laughter too... let's all celebrate and have a good time."