Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Celebration Orlando 2017 Fan Swag Round Up: Part 1

Amy writes:

There has been an awakening in the swag. Have you felt it?

The chatter is well underway both in forums and on social media sites. Collectors are already starting to design and manufacture their own small runs of handmade goodies to give away. Many have already finished and are now just counting down the days until Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Before we delve too deep into what is to come, take a peek at what we've seen in the past from collectors. The creativity and love for Star Wars really comes out in these items. Fan swag has become one of the best parts of the collecting community and is a personal highlight of every Star Wars Celebration.

Let me kick off what is to be a multi part topic with some swag I had a hand in. This year I wanted to be sure to offer everyone's neck some relief. I've partnered with Jarrod Clark (designer), Tom Stewart and Jim Gibbons (co-sponsors) to make 150 Ewok Battle Swagon bags. Look for us at the convention and we'll have a bag for you (while supplies last). Now on to the swag!


Jim Welch

Robert Marsh SWFUK pins

Brett Isaacs pin and pin cardback

Jason Smith

Amy Sjoberg (for Collecting Track Volunteers and Sponsors)

Brett Isaacs for Celebration first timers

Daryl Whitlow, Chris Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton, Arnie Carvalho, Marjorie Phares Carvalho, Phil Cogan, Shawn Moynihan, Scott West, Mark Fenrick & Jay Fazio - button set

Steph W. from SARLACC BB8 Orange pins

Alex Vargas pin set

Alexandra Muse

Gia Comina

William Russ

Stephen Herrera

Dave Brott

Josh Johnson

Matthew Mulinaro

Shawn Moynihan

Bob Martinazzi

Bobby Simons

Brian Stillman Plastic Galaxy

Brian Ulrich

Broc Walker

Chris Logli

Brendon Daily

Daniel Freddie Segovia

Kara Sommer


Remy Loste 3D printed Taun Taun skulls, BB-8s, and astromechs

Megan Zettel Cortez lanyard tags and pins

Robert Marsh SWFUK bottle openers 

Richard Hutchinson Kenner lightsaber keychains (4 colors avail.)

Fernando De Narvaez personalized swag

Jason Smith

Sean Fuller Stickers available at the All Things R2 fan table

Ariel Martinez key chains (3 different variations)

Brian Ulrich tag to be handed out at the Archive Party

Jedi Temple Archives Trading Card Set Series 1

Jedi Temple Archives Trading Card Set Series 2

Alvaro Herrera Pillchi and friends from Santiago Chile Patch

Claudio Menis Cohen Patch

Darryl Whitlow Luggage Tags

Kara Sommer Lanyard Tags

Feeling inspired but not sure where to begin? This year there are more opportunities to take part in pre-Celebration Swag discussions than ever before:

Expect Part 2 of this Swag Round Up to be posted soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

'Chive Cast 80 - Crunchee Gamorrean Guard

Celebrate our 7th Anniversary this month as we address the most underrated alien in the Star Wars Saga, the Gamorrean Guard with his unproduced Micro Collection sculpts (and rare paperwork), his funky clothing and toiletries, his bench shots and his crunchy demise in the mouth of the Rancor. Justin Seeley, Trent Bailey, and Mike Havens from the Collectors Galaxy Podcast have a cross over episode to discuss their show and collecting habits. All this plus absolutely nothing else on the 80th 'Chive Cast.


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3:20 – Flip the Script / Crunchee Movie Thought
11:10 – Skye-Ku
12:00 – Old News from the Stars (Vintagesploitation, Fake Baggies)
16:11 – Collectors Galaxy Podcast Crossover (Interview with Justin, Mike and Trent)
44:35 – So-Be-It Lightning Round Questions
1:02:35 – Gamorrean Ledy Differences
1:08:52 – Nugget From the Archive (Unproduced Micro Sculpt)
1:14:22 – Discussion of Rarely Seen Paperwork that outlines creation timeline for toys
1:20:33 – Unloved (Vintage Gamorrean Guard Clothes and Toiletries)
1:32:15 – Vintage Vocab (Bench Shot)
1:37:15 – One Dollar Vlix MarketWatch (Pigs, Three Different Ones)
1:47:06 – Feedback (Kaink, EP Cribs)

Image Sources and Show Note Links: