Thursday, September 17, 2020

'Chive Cast 109 - Into the Wicket Multiverse

Wicket is crowned the best character in Star Wars in this packed 'Chive Cast as Skye and Steve are joined by Ron who takes us to the "Wicket Chick" (Kori Bailey), "Mr. Wicket Chick" (Trent Bailey) and "The Wicket Person" (Todd Chamberlain) who talk about sculpts, molds and candy bowls. Plus, we are joined by Mark Rusciano and Coopie to talk about hobby energy. What an episode!

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00:36 – Wicket is the Best Intro
10:39 – Behind the Steve (part 1, Ewak) 
17:52 – Skye-Ku
19:57 – Behind the Steve (Part 2, Warwick Davis is the Best) 
25:15 – Wicket’s Last Name
30:00 – Mark and Coopie join the show
32:05 – Virtual Archive Party Recap
38:07 – What is Peg Warmers?
41:44 – Virtual Archive Party Auction results
42:40 – So-Be-It Lightning Round with Mark Rusciano
52:59 – Todd Chamberlain’s Insane Wicket Sculpt and Run (with Ron!) 
1:06:00 – Sculptor thoughts
1:09:22 – Problems with Romanticizing the Kenner Employees  
1:23:12 – Old Ugly Prototype Wicket
1:25:48 – Kori and Trent Bailey Join the Show 
1:29:16 – How the couple came to collect Wicket
1:39:26 – Who will buy the Photo Art?  
1:45:04 – Simplicity of Wicket Photo Art and various Wicket thoughts  
1:49:34 – Candy Bowl Loose Wickets
1:56:41 – Original Wicket Workbook Art
2:00:00 – Meeting Warwick   
2:03:20 – MarketWatch of Wicket
2:20:30 – Unloved Items (Australian Greeting Cards and Beanbag Chair) and Outro

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