Monday, April 26, 2021

'Chive Cast 113 - Klaatu in Long Underwear

An episode so good it took two months to record! Jump aboard the Skiff with Skye and Steve as we contemplate the background character so good he gets two outfits. Familiar face Ron joins to talk about "technical renderings" before OG Space Freak Beanie Wilkins talks about his Klaatu collection. Then we jump across the pond to the east of England with Andrew Plant to talk about a sad childhood memory that led to a happy collection. Finally, we close the show with our thoughts on the legend, John Kellerman.

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03:35 – Skye-Ku
06:28 – Behind the Steve with Corey Dee
11:10 – Ron joins the show
14:55 – The Unpainted Hardcopy
20:19 – Cool Cool Cool (Internal First Shot/Protomold)
30:37 – Technical Renderings
36:05 – Topps Cards Mania!
49:50 – Chris Wilkins joins the show
56:45 – 7-11 Father/Son Tumbler
1:01:17 – Nugget from the Archive: Trilogo Miscard
1:08:15 – Nugget 2: Klaatu-pac
1:14:57 – MarketWatch Game
1:27:17 – Ligthning Round with Chris "Beanie" Wilkins
1:36:11 – Andy Plant joins the show
1:14:57 – MarketWatch Game
1:54:20 – Steve's International Klaatu Madness
1:56:20 – Model Trem
1:59:40 – Canadians know you're disappointed in Klaatu
2:02:26 – Nugget from the Archive: German Klaatu Grail
2:04:00 – Unloved: Good, Bad and Ugly Klaatu Skiff Costumes
2:11:15 – Remembering John Kellerman


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