Friday, October 30, 2015

Creepy Star Wars Collectibles

Amy writes:

From a rousing collector discussion over dinner in Seattle, here are a few of the creepiest Star Wars collectibles that we could come up with just in time for Halloween.

Before we dig in too far, feel free to set the mood with some Star Wars music on pipe organ.

Our first item is practically a given in that everyone brought it up at least once or assumed it was already mentioned. It's the Jar Jar tongue candy with 'push to eject tongue' action.

As many collectors put Gungans in the same category as Ewoks, here we have the "Ewok Celebration" record single. It appears these 'Ewok' creatures are on to you, better run!

What kid wouldn't want to be one of their favorite characters for Halloween? Though they had the best intentions, these patterns may make the average person think twice before opening their door to trick-or-treaters.

While Jar Jar dispenses candy, 3PO dispenses tape with this Sigma tape dispenser. It's that bizarre combination between dispenser and chair that doesn't quite translate.

'That's no Moon'...and with those pink lidded eyes it isn't really Obi-Wan either. But in 1993 it was just about all we had for Star Wars action figures.

'Monkey faced' Leia was discussed mainly because of being proportionally disturbing and facially unrecognizable (though I always called her 'chicken legged' Leia). 

Who's that glaring at your collection and following you around the room with his glassy stare? Why it's Salacious B. Crumb of course! This clock sold at Celebration in 2015 was a hit with collectors like myself who cherish bizarre Star Wars items.

From the Star Wars Friends Of the Force coloring book we have this gem of a page. As to the positioning of the figures well, as Gus Lopez puts it "they didn't really think about it, or maybe they thought about it too much."

There are numerous bootleg ceramics that could make the list. And they were brought up several times in conversation so we'll just leave you with Ron Salvatore's article on unlicensed ceramics so you can peruse further on your own.   

 Starry Eyed Vader wishes you a Happy Halloween!

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