Thursday, February 16, 2017

'Chive Cast 80 - Crunchee Gamorrean Guard

Celebrate our 7th Anniversary this month as we address the most underrated alien in the Star Wars Saga, the Gamorrean Guard with his unproduced Micro Collection sculpts (and rare paperwork), his funky clothing and toiletries, his bench shots and his crunchy demise in the mouth of the Rancor. Justin Seeley, Trent Bailey, and Mike Havens from the Collectors Galaxy Podcast have a cross over episode to discuss their show and collecting habits. All this plus absolutely nothing else on the 80th 'Chive Cast.


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3:20 – Flip the Script / Crunchee Movie Thought
11:10 – Skye-Ku
12:00 – Old News from the Stars (Vintagesploitation, Fake Baggies)
16:11 – Collectors Galaxy Podcast Crossover (Interview with Justin, Mike and Trent)
44:35 – So-Be-It Lightning Round Questions
1:02:35 – Gamorrean Ledy Differences
1:08:52 – Nugget From the Archive (Unproduced Micro Sculpt)
1:14:22 – Discussion of Rarely Seen Paperwork that outlines creation timeline for toys
1:20:33 – Unloved (Vintage Gamorrean Guard Clothes and Toiletries)
1:32:15 – Vintage Vocab (Bench Shot)
1:37:15 – One Dollar Vlix MarketWatch (Pigs, Three Different Ones)
1:47:06 – Feedback (Kaink, EP Cribs)

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  1. Hi guys, I enjoyed the show, in particular the unloved items highlighted. Thanks for all you do keeping this going.