Friday, December 22, 2017

'Chive Cast 87 - The Last Jedi: Vintage Winners & Losers

Skye and Steve declare the Vintage Winners and Losers from The Last Jedi movie. It is filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the not listen to it!

On this un-enhanced and un-sound-effected ‘Chive Cast we answer the question:
Which vintage Star Wars characters and collectibles were made more or less relevant, interesting and valuable by their representation in the second part of the postquel trilogy?

We give our top 13 winners and losers which all somehow ended up working perfectly in paired categories. Like the movie itself, however, things are not as clear as they may seem as many winners are revealed to have also lost and visa versa. More question marks than exclamation points in this movie!

Skye does most of the blabbering on this episode, so you may want to put on your anti-gravity boots to resist the sheer power of the blowhard force coming at you from Hothchester. Somehow Steve went the entire episode without mentioning the fact that he wrote an amazing blog write up on the movie at his website C’mon, Steve, self promote a little!

So come and listen to our take on Rian Johnson’s vision and its impact on the Vintage Star Wars hobby. 

The Number 8 loser will anger you! The Number 7 winner will move you! The Number 11 winner will bore you! The Number 2 loser will mystify you! And the Number 1 winner will shock you to the very core and leave you more surprised than the movie itself. Join Skye and Steve as they force Skype like Rey and Kylo about The Last Jedi on the 87th Vintage Pod.

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11:56 – Last Jedi is good for the kids
14:53 – The Porg Cake
21:37 – The categories are declared
21:45 – Category: Rebel Pilots – Winner and Loser #13
25:03 – Category: Droids– Winner and Loser #12
28:32 – Category: Vader– Winner and Loser #11
31:20 – Category: Power of the Jedi – Winner and Loser #10
41:02 – Category: Nostalgiatastic – Winner and Loser #9
49:09 – Category: Sort of Featured – Winner and Loser #8
54:21 – Category: Kylo’s Parents – Winner and Loser #7
01:06:30 – Category: Han Adjacent – Winner and Loser #6
01:10:20 – Category: Cuteness – Winner and Loser #5
01:18:12 – Category: Not In the Movie – Winner and Loser #4
01:22:18 – Category: Cool Guy – Winner and Loser #3
01:32:06 – Category: The Divider – Winner and Loser #2
01:46:25 – Category: The Unifier – Winner and Loser #1

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