Archive Party II - Celebration Anaheim 2015



Date: Thursday April 16th, 2015
Time: 7-10pm
Location: Pacific Ballroom A, Hilton Anaheim (adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center)

The hustle and bustle of the CVI Archive Party
The Basics: This sequel to the inaugural        Archive Party held at Celebration VI in Orlando in 2012 will be the can't-miss social event at Celebration Anaheim (of Los Angeles). Put on by the SWCA and organized/funded by collectors for collectors, we are carrying on the tradition of vintage-themed fun, games, and general merriment (albeit hopefully without any piƱata-bashing property damage) with the goal of raising money for our Earthbound furry friends at the Best Friends Animal Society (dogs and cats, not Wookiees and Ewoks).


A limited number of guest tickets will be available at the following donation levels -- just as it was last time, the more you donate, the more exclusive swag you'll take home:

$20 - Young Jedi Knight (for guests 12 and under only; Party Entry, food, plus tickets for select games)
$25 - Loose Figure (Party Entry/food)
$30 - MOC (Party Entry/food, plus 1 exclusive cardback)
$35 - Pre-Production (Party Entry/food, plus 2 exclusive cardbacks)
$50 - Holy Grail (Party Entry/food, plus four cardback set and Boba Mutt coin)

BOBA MUTT Exclusive Coin

There will also be 25 Supreme Master tickets available. Priced at $120, this ticket will include Party Entry/food, the four cardback set, Boba Mutt coin, and limited edition Digby-Wing Pilot 4-Up Figure. Only a very small run of these Micro-inspired figures is being produced, so this is a great opportunity to take home a special item for a great cause. A select few will also be offered as auction items and raffle prizes at the party.

Two additional exclusive items will be available to attendees for a donation of $3 each when ordering your ticket -- these items will also be available as game prizes or for purchase ($5 each) at the event:

Archive Party II Commemorative Patch
Sponsored by the Empire State Star Wars Collecting Club (ESSWCC)

Archive Party II Commemorative Pin
(Pins currently in production - check back soon!) 

ALL ATTENDEES will receive one Cincinnati Kenner Fun Map 18x24" print:

The Fine Print:
  • The images of exclusives are works in progress and all subject to change. 
  • Only one ticket package may be purchased by each adult attendee (with the exception of Young Jedi Knight packages for additional guests 12 and under) and there are no returns or refunds.
  • You will be required to enter your first and last name during checkout. If you are unable to use your ticket and would like to transfer it to someone else, their name must be submitted via e-mail to with your name, ticket/order number, and the name of the new ticket holder. No ticket transfers will be accepted after 4/9/2015.
  • Upon completing checkout through Brown Paper Tickets, attendees will be given the option of receiving a physical ticket via mail or printing out their ticket. These tickets are required for entry and will be exchanged for your official pass and exclusives upon arrival.


A variety of hors d'oeuvres from the hotel menu will be served throughout the first hour of the party. Tip: though there will be significantly more food served at this year's party compared to the first, a late lunch or early dinner prior to arrival will help ensure a full stomach. :^)

Two cash bars will be serving beverages at the following hotel-set prices (subject to change):
Domestic Beer | $6.00
Imported Beer | $7.00
Wine | $10.00, $11.00, $12.00
Soft Drinks | $5.00
Bottled Waters | $5.00
Liqueurs | $10.00
Gold Brands | $10.00
Diamond Brands | $11.00


Once again, Archive Party attendees will have the chance to participate in a number of activities -- the proceeds from which will all be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society. Contest and game tickets will be $1 each and applicable to all activities (quantities to participate vary - see below).

The following activities, contests, and games are planned but subject to change:

2 tickets to enter

The headliner for this second party will be a vintage-themed costume contest. As mentioned on the 'Chive Cast, it'll basically be free-reign and hopefully quite entertaining. The only rule is that the outfit must somehow tie-in to vintage Star Wars collectibles. The "best costume" and one random winner will receive a Digby-Wing Pilot exclusive 4-Up figure.

1 ticket per play

Guests will also have the chance to test their old-school gaming skills with the Star Wars Atari Challenge. Each player will be limited to one death or five minutes of playing time -- whichever comes first. The highest score of the evening will receive a special prize: a "digital edition" of select issues of Martin Thurn's The Star Wars Collector magazine from the 1990s - a treasure for any collector, as well as a set of original Archive Party Manatee Cardbacks.

5 tickets to enter - limited to the first 32 participants

32 lucky contestants will be competing in a Removable Limbs C-3PO Assembly Race Challenge. Loose 3POs will be dismembered and mixed into bags of packing peanuts and other vintage figure appendages. From there, the race is on to find the parts and assemble the figure before your opponent. The final "Sweet Two" round of this bracket challenge will involve the added element of wearing a Ben Cooper Chewbacca mask -- the ultimate mark of protocol droid building mastery. The grand prize will be a vintage knockoff Arco Spacewar C-3PO figure donated by Skye Paine.

2 tickets per guess, 1 guess per attendee

A mysterious amount of loose vintage figures will be placed in a jar. The attendee with the closest guest at the end of the competition gets to take the entire jar home! Archive Party figure jars are like boxes of chocolate -- you just never know what you're gonna get.

1 ticket per play, everyone wins!*

Ring Around the Armored Dog: Three chances to throw a ring around the neck of an AT-AT.
  • 0 rings = 'Chive Cast Button or Sticker
  • 1 ring = 'Chive Cast Button and Sticker
  • 2 rings = 'Chive Cast Button, Sticker, and Archive Party II Pin
  • 3 rings = 'Chive Cast Button, Sticker, Archive Party II Pin, and Archive Party II Patch

Jabba Frog Toss: Three chances to throw a frog through Jabba the Hutt's mouth. One additional prize for each frog successfully fed to the Hutt Crime Lord.
  • 0 frogs = 'Chive Cast Button or Sticker
  • 1 frog = 'Chive Cast Button and Sticker
  • 2 frogs = 'Chive Cast Button, Sticker, and Archive Party II Pin
  • 3 frogs = 'Chive Cast Button, Sticker, Archive Party II Pin, and Archive Party II Patch
*While prize supplies last.

Pin the Shield on the Headman: One set of original Archive Party Manatee Cardbacks for the closest to successfully bestowing Headman with his shield!

Vintage-inspired, Collector-made!

For the first time, the Archive Party will feature a silent auction for a selection of awesome items handmade and donated by fellow collectors.

Confirmed auction items include:

Mortar Heads Yoda sculpture by Mark Enright - starting bid of $40 ($5 minimum increase)

- Skye-ku Cardbacks by Skye Paine (12 Cards Total) - Starting bid of $15 each ($1 minimum increase)

- Digby-Wing Pilot 4-Up Figures (3) - Starting bid of $50 each ($5 minimum increase)

$1 per ticket

Confirmed raffle prizes include:

- A new customized exclusive 3.75" figure: The Empurrr by Jon Peck

- Rancho Obi-Wan memberships (2) courtesy of Steve Sansweet & Anne Neumann

- Darth Vader 7 Piece Vintage Patch Set (1) courtesy of Rob Amantea

- Micro Collection Bacta Chamber Figure Pin Set courtesy of Rob Amantea

- Celebration Anaheim Collector Clubs Bounty Hunter Patch Set courtesy of Steve Danley

- Digby-Wing Pilot 4-Up Figures (2)


All proceeds beyond the cost of the event will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society, the "only national animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to ending the killing of pets in America's shelters. In addition to running the nation’s largest sanctuary for companion animals, Best Friends spearheads lifesaving programs across the country. Since 1984, they have helped reduce the number of animals killed in American shelters from 17 million per year to about 4 million. Best Friends believes that, together, we can Save Them All®."

For additional information and all other inquiries, send us an email at

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