Monday, April 6, 2015

Celebration Anaheim: Vader Case Project

Tommy writes:

The Celebration Anaheim Collecting Track is proud to announce:

The Vader Case Project

New this year to the Celebration Track is the Vader Case Project. At Celebration IV in 2007, the original Vader Project showcased artist's talents by having them decorate and alter full sized Darth Vader helmet replicas. The results were stunning with artist's rendering Vader into everything from a clown to the Statue of Liberty to Vader with a fruit hat. More can be seen about this project at

In a similar style, the Celebration Track has invited over twenty-five Star Wars artists and collectors to decorate a vintage Darth Vader carrying case with their own take on the Dark Lord. The artists include collectors like Gus Lopez, prolific Star Wars artists like  Chris Trevas, and even Nathan Hamill has joined in. The cases will be shown throughout Celebration in the Collector's Track Social Room. So, stop by and see these wonderful pieces of unique artwork.

Better yet, all the cases will be auctioned during Celebration with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish foundation. If you want to make a bid, just come to the Celebration Social Room (210D) and place your bid on a case. Bidding will end at noon on Sunday. From noon to 4pm winners can come pick up their case. Only cash will be accepted. Any cases not picked up will go to the highest bidder present at 4pm.

The Vader Case Project would not be possible without the generous donation of vintage Vader cases by Big Fun Toy Store of Cleveland, OH. Visit their web site at

We are announcing this at the last minute, so PLEASE help us get the word out on it! Share it on Facebook/blogs/forums/anywhere. We really need your help on this!

A selection of just some of the cases!

"Galactic Freak Show" By Randy Martinez

"Vader Metal" By Bill Cable

"Early Bird Vader" by Gus Lopez

"Scaly Boy" by Jorge Colon

"The Force is Strong" By Denise Vasquez

"By May the Frost Be With You" by Anne Jenkins

"in Vader" By Mike Demaine

"Anicase Skywalker" by Tom Spina Designs ( Steve Richter - face sculpt, Tom Spina - paint and finish, Patrick Louie, Christine Richter and Melissa Dooley - fabrication and assembly)

"Vader's Relief" By Brian Rood

"Darth Vator" By Jarrod Clark

"Sunset on Endor" by Amy Sjoberg (Case comes with 2AA batteries and has one LED with over 50 fiberoptic cables that make up the star field.)

"Stars Warrior" by SUCKADELIC

"Carry Case For the Recently De-Sithed" By Jeff Correll

Darth Star II by Spencer Brinkerhoff

"Luke, I am Your Blocks" By Chris Reiff and Daren Murrer

"The Hildebrandt Case" by Bruce White

"Twisted Soul" by Jacqueline DelBrocco

"The Dark Side on Dagobah" by Max Monter

McQuarrie Concept Vader by Curt Hanks

Movie Accurate Vader (prop helmet tusks, metal throat screen, fabric inner and outer capes, etc) by Bill McBride

"Electro-Vader" by Chris Trevas

"No sir, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again." By Ryan Beise.

 "Bound Vader" By Marc Gabbana

"Sith Nite Light" By Nathan Hamill

And more!


  1. OMG!!! SO MUCH AWESOMESAUCE. Keep Sansweet away!

  2. What a worthy successor to the Vader Project and its progeny. Now let's see a Kickstarter funded book that profiles them all...

  3. Any chance y'all will allow for remote bids? I'm stuck in seattle, but I'd love a chance at one of these pieces!

  4. Do they use genuine "Collector's Case"s?