Sunday, April 12, 2015

Celebration Fan Swag Roundup: Part 3 - 'Swag Wars'

Amy writes:

In what has already been dubbed 'Swag Wars' by collector Joseph Yglesias, here is the 3rd and final part to the Celebration Fan Swag Roundup. As mentioned previously, these items are made by the fans for the fans just to give away or trade.

If you are looking to adorn your lanyard, check out the collector club booths in the exhibit hall, the Collecting Track panels and Social Area, the Archive Party (sold out), and the Collector Social Saturday night at 7 pm in the Collectors' Lounge at Celebration.

If in doubt, look for fans sporting multiple lanyards full of pins. This is a great opportunity to make new collector friends, meet new people and get to know folks by what they collect.

If you want to get involved, there may still be time to make something -- stickers or even lanyard tags.

Look kid... I shot, Greedo died - Chris Moorehead
Look kid... vintage shot first (chase version) - Chris Moorehead
Sabine - Chris Moorehead
The droid can't abide - Chris Moorehead

Dengar: toilet paper head - Shawna Bova designed by Jarrod Clark

Vader collection pin - Bill McBride designed by Josh Blake

Death Star (20) - Ben George Coomber

California Vintage Collector Club - CAVSWCC booth 1065

Save beaters / No U-Grade - Ross Barr

Star Wars Patch Collection Facebook page - Ken Tarleton

Hammerhead use the force at Celebration Anaheim - Scott West

 Kenner Gooney Bird pvc lapel pin - Joe Ilagan and Dan Flarida

Star Wars pins (4 kinds) - Criz Bee from 

Galaxy of Toys podcast - Jason Luttrull designed by Tom Berges

Hand 'Kraft'ed Star Wars Mac n' Cheese - Tom Stewart

Bend'em figure buttons - Ryan 'Bend'em Beise

Bend'em logo - Ryan 'Bend'em Beise

Star Geek (5 kinds) - Star Geek (on Youtube)

BB-8 (set) - Nerdmatters (@nerdmatters on Twitter)

Ackbar rap - Nerdmatters (@nerdmatters on Twitter)

Ewok Trap button set - JediShua (@JediShua on Twitter)

Deathstar swing button set - JediShua (@JediShua on Twitter)

Stormtrooper -

I'm a Star Wars Action Figure Collector (Rebels) - Jake Stevens (

Additional pins not pictured:

Square Boba Fett coin offer label - Justin Vidal bootleg R2 - Joseph Yglesias
Vader Empire Day (2 kinds)- John Alvarez
SWCA got swag? - DarthBaldylox
Wampa Anaheim pin (2 kinds) - Andrew Davies and Darren McAleese
Kenner Micro Machine carded pins (set of 4 / 75 each / 1 kind for each day) - Rob Amantea
Kenner Micro Machine Hoth Leia - D. Martin Myatt
Princess Leia animated art - Charmaine Cuddie
Emperor propaganda - Ross Cuddie
Ewok Lapel pins (5 kinds) - Mike Kurtz
Collecting Ewoks since '83 - Heiko Lutten
Inkfusion tattoo festival (2 kinds / 25 each day) - George Joseph in the tattoo pavilion
Jawa - Graham Hughes
Biker krautz - Electricagon, Sithlord1976, Schneider, Gerhard, Michifromhell_de (on Rebelcsum)
Hollywood probe droid - Electricagon, Sithlord1976, Schneider, Gerhard, Michifromhell_de (on Rebelcsum)
Krieg der sterne CVII - Electricagon, Sithlord1976, Schneider, Gerhard, Michifromhell_de (on Rebelcsum)
Star Wars Die Kraft Der Macht CVII - Electricagon, Sithlord1976, Schneider, Gerhard, Michifromhell_de (on Rebelcsum)
Holiday special excited for Celebration - Leslie Winslow
You never forget Leia figure - Bruce White
The British invasion - Grant_C, Jez and Pete
We love GW acrylic - Grant_C, Jez and Pete
What's in the box? - Grant_C, Jez and Pete
Tauntaun sanctuary - Grant_C, Jez and Pete
SW fan girl - Donella Abell
I'm a Kenner Star Wars collector - Tom Berges
I'm a Kenner Star Wars collector - Jake Stevens designed by Tom Berges
AT-R2 - Sean Fuller
Making Star Wars (3 kinds) -
20 years of Hasbro SWAN - Star Wars Action News (follow @swactionnews for distribution info)
SWAN - special button just for kids (follow @swactionnews for distribution info)
It's Celebration Anaheim! Colt 45 Billy Dee - James Simkins co-designed by Bobby Sharp
GW Acrylic USA - GW Acrylic USA
Handmade See-Threepio label (20) - Matt Mulinaro
Star Wars vintage Nestle candy wrappers (2 kinds) - John McElwain
Yoda (5 kinds) and Ewoks (5 kinds) - Mike Kurtz -  Dustin Roberts
Vader case outlines - Bobby Sharp
Vader's secret service - tml1138 (on Rebelscum)
Show me your tots (4 kinds) - tml1138 (on Rebelscum)
Carbonite Han 'I know' - 1hansolo2 (on Rebelscum)
Darth Mickey - Heavyweight (on Rebelscum)
Disneyland Imperial vacation - Heavyweight (on Rebelscum)
Crossed sabers over Deathstar - Aaron Longbine (4 kinds) -
AT-AT driver special offer (100) - Eric Franks
Lumpy 'taking my lumps since '78' - Abel Pinedo
Rancor keeper rules - Jon Peck

** Correction from part 2, the crochet Yoda and Jabba pins are by Aimee Botkins.

La French Touch cards - Stephane Faucourt

Kenner poster for all Archive Party attendees - Josh Blake and Dan Flarida

Bounty Hunter patch set - Various collector clubs listed below:
California Vintage Star Wars Collectors' Club (IG-88) - Booth 1065
Indiana Star Wars Collecting Community (Boba Fett) - Booth 1067
Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club (4-LOM) - Booth 1076
Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (Bossk) - Booth 1077
Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance (Dengar) - Official Pix Autograph Drop-Off Table
Washington DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club (Zuckuss) - Booth 976

Darth Vader carry case patch set of 15 - Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club

Death Star pencil sharpener medallion (100) - Graham Hughes and Darren Simpson

Han Solo's flying circus postcards (100) - Ben George Coomber

Star Wars Rocks! Guitar picks (3 kinds) - tk_97531 (on Rebelscum)

Kenner vintage figure poster - Jedi Temple Archives booth 1074

Logray patch - Mike Kurtz

Chief Chirpa Patch - Mike Kurtz

Free membership Star Wars Singapore fan club patch - Derek Ho and Gregory (darkside apprentice)

California vintage collector club sticker and patch - CAVSWCC booth 1065

Galaxy of Toys podcast holiday special postcard - Jason Luttrull designed by Tom Berges

SARLACC cardback - members of SARLACC designed by Mike Demaine

Line Force fan club patch set (7 pc) - Line Force fan club

Other items not pictured:

Jabba the Hutt luggage tag - Daryl Whitlow
Vintage style cards (40 cards / different pack each day) - DC Star Wars Collecting Club booth 976
Wicket Teebo and Kneesaa patches - Mike Kurz
Collecting Ewoks since '83 patch - Heiko Lutten
Dewback patch - follow @PyeTheCat for details
World patch trading tour Sebulba patch and pin set (20) - Miguel Fenesca
Star Wars Action News (SWAN) 10th anniversary patch - follow on twitter @swactionnews for distribution information relics (77) - Brad Portnoy
R2 Lanyards - Elling Hauge
Gus Lopez has a posse stickers - Dustin Roberts stickers - Dustin Roberts
Aluminum badges (8 kinds) - Starfriend (on Rebelscum)
Lego cardbacks (18) - Starfriend (on Rebelscum)
Star Wars Rebels weapon spec plaques (13) - Starfriend (on Rebelscum)
December 18th and Jabba stickers (2 kinds) - Nerdmatters (@nerdmatters on Twitter)
Gonk bottle opener - Billy Galaxy (booth 529)

For those keeping track, here are the Rebelscum Swag Thread and previous 2 parts to this blog roundup:
Celebration Fan Swag Roundup: Part 1
Celebration Fan Swag Roundup: Part 2

My swag is packed and I'm off to hit the road for Star Wars Celebration. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible!


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