Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Celebration Fan Swag Roundup: Part 1

Amy writes:

Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim is right around the corner and collectors are prepared to hand out their own unique items if you know where to look. As mentioned in my previous article on pin trading, this will be a banner year for swag with over 40 pins announced to date. In addition to pins, there will be patches, lanyards, mailers, trading cards, and many more surprises yet to be announced.

Mike Ritter with 3 lanyards full of pins at CelebrationVI

Here are two places to keep on top of the latest pin announcements:

If you are looking to add some fan made pins to your lanyard look no further than the Collecting Track area. Also, if you have tickets to the now sold out Archive Party by the 'Chive Cast, expect a trading frenzy. 

Here is a list of what has been announced so far with quantities (when stated) and names of who is handing things out:

Boba Fett Special Offer button - Tom Berges
Darth Vadar Lives - Tom Berges
Space Club pin - Tom Berges
Krieg der Sterne - Tom Berges - Tom Berges
8-track IGUSW Podcast - Tom Berges
Palitoy jubilee - Jason Smith
Palitoy label - Jason Smith
Star Wars Record Label - Kevin Lentz
Max Rebo (285) - Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club designed by Craig Aossey
Preschool Mafia with Boga head - Jarrod Clark
Wicket the Ewok logo - Dale Justus
3D printed Kenner Gooney Bird (40) - Dale Justus (see Rebelscum post with details on how to obtain)
Vader 'Poppin Collars Cince '78' - Tad Moore
Plastic Galaxy Gonk Droid Projector pin - Brian Stillman
Kea Moll (125) - Thomas Garvey
Pop-up Sensorscope R2 Dome (140) - Michael Ritter

Kubrik Han and Luke Stormtroopers - Ian (Thursday)
Ugnaught - Ian (Friday)
Gonk Droid - Ian (Saturday -- must answer a question)
Become a Bounty Hunter - Ian
Surf's up! Kenner Gooney Bird (100) - Chris
Ewoks and Droids from Play Doh molds (45) - Amy Sjoberg
Teebo Mobile (75) - Amy Sjoberg
Felt Gonk Droid (55) - Amy Sjoberg
Cross-stitch Ewok pins (45) - Amy Sjoberg
Jedi Luke (green lightsaber) - Shawn Kemple
Jedi Luke (blue lightsaber) - Shawn Kemple
Prototype Jedi Luke - Shawn Kemple

Additional pins not pictured: - Jacob Stevens; designed by Tom Berges
All things R2 - Sean Fuller; designed by Tom Berges
Lord Gamorrean - Gorge Casas
Team Tonia Jawa pin (50) - Jason West
Double M French Touch logo - Stephane Falcourt
A New Hope screen shots with dialog (200) - Bobby Sharp
Kenner 'Collect 'em All' - Chris Georgoulias; designed by Jeff Correll
Keep calm and Chivecast on - Trevor Hoppers
Vintage figures with color backing - Bobby Sharp
'Breaking Baddie' - Mike Woods (


Death Valley Tatooine Adventure poster (77) - Tom Berges 
Kenner coin mailer envelope with Sy Snootles Rebo Band coin pin inside (100) - Mark Huber

Other items not pictured:

'Where Vintage Collectors Know Your Name' patch - Jason Thomas; designed by Jarrod Clark
Darth Vader carry case patch set (100 sets) - Various

Have a giveaway that is not listed? Feel free to share in the comments below and I'll include it in the Fan Swag Roundup: Part 2.


  1. Thanks for doing this Amy, it is much needed and appreciated!

  2. Here are my CVII Exclusive Pins:

    The initial run is 100 and 70 will be on hand for the event.

  3. Follow me to find out where to get my pins during Celebration #darksidebaker #darksidebakeries