Wednesday, November 23, 2016

'Chive Cast 78 - Ackbar Beez in the Trap

Skye and Steve talk about our favorite "fish guy" Admiral Ackbar, Steve's collection of said trap monger and the history of the title "Revenge of the Jedi." Fratastic Pete, aka Coolio, joins us to talk at length about Revenge and Return of the Jedi collectibles. All our usual features come roaring back as we talk about vintage erasers and an unseen shelf talker. Plus, a mega store display MarketWatch with Pete himself. All this plus Nikki Minaj on an emotional 'Chive Cast 78!


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  1. Hey Skye. When you hit the play button for episode 78 on the main podcast page,, the Anaheim Celebration episode plays instead of the Ackbar episode. I enjoyed listening to it, but thought you might not know about the error.