Monday, October 31, 2016

'Chive Cast 77 - A Podcast of Factory Overstock

It's a factory overstock 'Chive Cast featuring a potpourri of Vintage content. CJ Fawcett sheds light on a never heard of before theater give-a-way from 1978. Michael Valentino tell us about the Vintage Star Wars/Johnny Cash mash-up video that is tearing up the internet. We have two contests. Skye invites YOU to his house and takes us back to DC to visit the Star Toys Museum and interviews his brother about Luke Jedi and Boston vintage theater memories. All this plus a lot of talk about the good, the bad and the sexist on Facebook on the 77th Vintage Pod.


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  2. ^ you boys sure get them.

    I really enjoyed Chris' story on the cinema find. What a great story and another piece of history dropping into place. Nice one.