Wednesday, June 21, 2017

'Chive Cast 83 - Thousands of Prototypes: Steve Denny Story Time

Collecting folk hero Steve Denny regales the 'Chive Cast with tales of finding literally thousands of cared figures and prototypes in the wild wild Midwest of 1980s and 1990s Cincinnati. Learn about the proof finds, Canadian Droids and Ewoks, UDEs, Rocket Fetts, Revenge proof sets for $50 and the mysterious Mr. X. Plus, Skye unveils a conspiracy theory that may lead to the greatest scandal in the history of the hobby. All this on the cursed 83rd Vintage Pod! Brought to you with the help of John Wooten and


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06:40 – News: Steve’s "At The Movies" Podcast Launches
10:52 – News: Theft at Rancho Obi-Wan
14:55 – Skye’s Worst Joke Ever
24:00 – Skye’s Boat Trip
37:31 – Story Time: Steve Denny’s Inconceivably Huge Canadian Haul of Droids, Ewoks and Sandcrawlers
48:30 – Story Time: Zteca Influence on Kenner and Banana Boxes?
52:04 – Toy Shop Memories and Die Cast Displays with Ron
59:16 – Vintage Vocab: Proof Cards and a Proof’s Voyage
1:09:58 – The New Management of
1:13:39 – Storytime: How Steve Denny found ALL the proofs
1:19:40 – Chinchillas Attack!
1:20:29 – How Many Rocket Fetts?
1:21:59- Mr. X and His Magical Chalk Box of Prototypes
1:25:11 – Micro Prototypes
1:27:00 – A Most Peculiar Trade (How Many Snowtroopers?)
1:29:51 – Father’s Day Memories
1:32:15 – How to Get Rid of Revenge Proofs
1:36:22 – Skye’s Conspiracy of the Biggest Possible Scandal of All Time

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  1. Great episode as always, awesome interview with Steve III, I'll try and dig out some of teh UK adverts from the 90's to give some comparison on what we were paying for international items (they were cheaper than Kenner for most part).
    I actually love the Top Toys theory, having no experience or knowledge of that line myself, it has all the ingredients needed for a video statement from The Anonymous ... or whatever the Star Wars equivalent may be ... The Amanamanous

  2. Awesome episode. You are my favorite podcast!