Monday, October 23, 2017

Episode 85 - The 'Chive Cast Halloween Special

Welcome to the first Halloween Special Podcast of the Star Wars Collectors Archive with your hosts, Stephen B. Dead and Skye “is in Torturous” Paine, Oof.  

This month Skye and Steve present the first ever Halloween episode of the SWCA Podcast. We present a terrifying tableau of terror as we get stories of spooky finds in the scariest of basements, attics and porches from Ron “Wookiee Slayer” Salvagore and Ross “I’ll use a butcher knife to” Cuddie your Neckie. Then Todd "Chamber of Horrors”-lain gives an overview of vintage Ben Cooper costumes. Terminally, Sean and Ryan Lehmghoul join to tell a legitimate and gruesome ghost story of Dead, Dead Cincinnati Fred. All this, plus many chilling reminders of your own mortality on the haunted 85th 'Chive Cast Vintage Pod. 

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1:48 – Intro
11:02 – Spooky Tale: Steve & Skye’s “Scary” Griffith Park Experiences
14:10 – Spooky Tale: Skyelence of the Lambs
17:30 – Failed attempt at Calling Todd
19:03 – Scariest parts of Star Wars? 
22:30 – Ron Salvagore Joins the Show
23:30 – Ron’s Report from the Cincinnati Toy Show 2017
30:50 – Ron’s Trilogy of Terror
31:10 – Chapter One: The Feral Child
38:22 – Chapter Two: Just Drive
45:33 – Chapter Three: Drain the Kenner Morgue Swamp
53:39 – Vintage Halloween Newspaper Clippings
1:03:32 – Ross Cuddie presents “A Picker’s Tale”
1:24:22 – Todd Chamberlain teaches about Ben Cooper Masks
1:56:05 – Tales from Two Lehmkuhls
1:59:32 – Chapter One: Dead Cincinnati Fred
2:06:03 – Chapter Two: George the Ghost and Fred’s Revenge
2:13:58 – Outro and Contest Info

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