Monday, November 27, 2017

'Chive Cast 86 - Haunted Jenky Klaatu Episode

Klaatu receives the dubious and unfortunate honor of being the last figure covered with Skye's broken microphone in this quick and dirty episode (it's okay, we'll get him back with a Klaatu Skiff episode in a year or so). We talk about the history of Klaatu's original name Wooof and propose an alternative future for the figure should he have maintained this moniker. Then we interview our Instantgram "Grammy Daddy" Anthony Spinnickie as our new contributor and our Space Freak of the Week. Then we discuss the Nugget from the Archive, a hardcopy which leads to a discussion of internal Kenner memos on the heights of figures, a peculiar shipping case and a Canadian catalogue. The Unloved Item is the much-loved Sigma figure, which as it turns out is the Sympathetic Male Stripper variant. All this and less on the 86th 'Vintage Pod!

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8:00 – Skye-Ku and the story of Wooof
17:00 – Lili Ledy Klaatu
20:40 – UZAY Talk
21:38 – Space Freak of the Week: Anthony Spinnickie
31:33 – So-Be-It Lightning Round
44:27 – Nugget from the Archive: Klaatu Hardcopy and more Wooof notes.
51:40 – Unloved Sigma Sculpture (Klaatu the Stripper)

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