Thursday, February 22, 2018

'Chive Cast 88 - Commando Love

Love reigns supreme over the 'Chive Cast when Skye and Steve host a round table of Rebel Commando connoisseurs comprised of Chris "What's in the" Botkins, Stephen "Sward" Ward, and Chris "Special" Leddy. We cover it all, from mock-ups, to blueprints, to Presto Magix, to mini-rigs. For the first time in years we really go deep to understand what makes a focus collector concentrate on one character and why. "Ron Ron" Salvatore joins us as well to talk about the devastating Commando Acetate Sculpt and defines what a "Plaster Cast" is. All this plus many extended heart-warming meditations on the meaning of our hobby in this month's Vintage Pod.

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02:01 – Show Intro
07:13 – Skye’s Movie Thought
10:30 – Flip the Script – Captain Jode
18:35 – Skye-Ku
25:00 – Skye’s New (Dumb?) Focus Collector Classification System
30:56 – Love Segment
31:27 – Bob Martinazzi Love
35:36 – Tessa Love
38:35 – Empire State Collector Club Love
43:13 – Skye and CAS Love
56:00 – MOC(k) is Love
57:13 – ICCC Love
58:01 – Star Wars at the Movies Podcast Love
1:01:27 – Vintage Rebellion Love
1:04:03 – Nugget From the Archive (Acetate Sculpt with Ron Salvatore)
1:25:29 – Vintage Vocab (Plaster Micro Mold)
1:39:52 – Rebel Commando Round Table Introductions
1:44:09 – The C-Team Intro Song (Why do you collect Rebel Commando?)
2:01:18 – Stephen Ward’s ToyShop talk
2:17:34 – Molded Face a Thing?
2:20:19 – Rebel Commando’s Odditys
2:25:05 – Endor Forrest Ranger Talk…really?
2:30:28 – One Dollar Vilx MarketWatch (Rebel Commando Competition)
2:46:19 – (Three-Way) "So be it" Lightning Round
3:02:32 – Unloved (Presto-Magix)
3:05:55 – Outro

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