Thursday, February 22, 2018

'Chive Cast 88 - Commando Love

Love reigns supreme over the 'Chive Cast when Skye and Steve host a round table of Rebel Commando connoisseurs comprised of Chris "What's in the" Botkins, Stephen "Sward" Ward, and Chris "Special" Leddy. We cover it all, from mock-ups, to blueprints, to Presto Magix, to mini-rigs. For the first time in years we really go deep to understand what makes a focus collector concentrate on one character and why. "Ron Ron" Salvatore joins us as well to talk about the devastating Commando Acetate Sculpt and defines what a "Plaster Cast" is. All this plus many extended heart-warming meditations on the meaning of our hobby in this month's Vintage Pod.

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02:01 – Show Intro
07:13 – Skye’s Movie Thought
10:30 – Flip the Script – Captain Jode
18:35 – Skye-Ku
25:00 – Skye’s New (Dumb?) Focus Collector Classification System
30:56 – Love Segment
31:27 – Bob Martinazzi Love
35:36 – Tessa Love
38:35 – Empire State Collector Club Love
43:13 – Skye and CAS Love
56:00 – MOC(k) is Love
57:13 – ICCC Love
58:01 – Star Wars at the Movies Podcast Love
1:01:27 – Vintage Rebellion Love
1:04:03 – Nugget From the Archive (Acetate Sculpt with Ron Salvatore)
1:25:29 – Vintage Vocab (Plaster Micro Mold)
1:39:52 – Rebel Commando Round Table Introductions
1:44:09 – The C-Team Intro Song (Why do you collect Rebel Commando?)
2:01:18 – Stephen Ward’s ToyShop talk
2:17:34 – Molded Face a Thing?
2:20:19 – Rebel Commando’s Odditys
2:25:05 – Endor Forrest Ranger Talk…really?
2:30:28 – One Dollar Vilx MarketWatch (Rebel Commando Competition)
2:46:19 – (Three-Way) "So be it" Lightning Round
3:02:32 – Unloved (Presto-Magix)
3:05:55 – Outro

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  1. Really enjoyed this episode as a RC collector and fan. Further to what Ron had said about the Commando sculpt, the B-Wing Pilot and Rebel Commando were done by Bill Lemon, which is why the face is that similar. That severe Lemon expression Ron mentioned is so distinctive in the SW universe, that it translates right through to the production toys too, which is kind of neat in itself. You're talking degrees of plastic shrinkage there, that would obliterate a lot of the subtlety and nuance in many sculptor's work. Lemon's style is just so distinctive, it endures. Even as a kid in the 80s, I picked up on it, without knowing what it was. On the generic character action figure likenesses, the designer who did the blueprint worked from movie scrap, while the sculptor who worked on the figure used the scrap and the blueprint. At least, that's the short version, and actually why it's no longer done today. Great to hear the notion of focus collecting explored a little. There are a lot of big, longstanding, old school collecting sleeper focus collections about, and people who are often overlooked (Brennan Swain, Mike Mensinger, Matt Brand, Bill Wills to name a couple...). But I think the notion of focus collecting is largely alien to newer collectors, outsiders, and even some old timers. As someone who does the shotgun (Steve Denny) approach, and the Wooten (used in the sense that John largely invented focus collecting for early, net based proof card and prototype guys) approach to collecting prototypes, it's definitely something I'd like to see explored.