Wednesday, September 26, 2018

'Chive Cast 92 - Late Summer Fun Trips

Skye and Steve hit the road and record a show LIVE at some of the greatest vintage Star Wars collections in the world during the recent New York State Collector Event. We interview friends, family and collectors about their favorite items from the collections of Ron Salvatore, Yehuda Kleinman and Paul Chu. Plus, we take you with us as we walk, talk, travel and party together on a boat and in hotels. Steve gets initiated into the Pop-a-Jalop ritual and Skye conducts a strange interview with artist and bootlegger supreme the Sucklord. Then, Ron and Yehuda become official Guest Hosts for the second half of the show as they take you through the first ever ICCC convention in Nashville. 

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At Ron’s House:
02:49 – Kenner Plush Fat Jawa
05:15 – Kenner Golf Trophy
06:26 – Bunny Ear Trooper
08:18 – Rios Scrapbook
10:44 – Yoda Bootleg Toothbrush Holder
12:12 – Black Bespin Guard Focus: Hardcopy, Sculpt and QC Sample
18:52 – Boat

At Yehuda’s AT-Attic:
20:19 – Alex Bickmore talks Jessica Meade Head Mold
23:41 – Elaine Grief talks Stretch Pennies and her husband talks about the ceiling
26:57 – Kevin Lentz discusses Bootleg Indonesian Little Golden Non-Read-Along-Books
28:17 – Anne Jenkins discusses Power Spark
29:35 – Duncan Jenkins discusses Hebrew language books and VHS
31:26 – Jonathan McElwain discusses Yupi
36:09 – Modern Lovers: Fruit Loop Han Troopie with David Brott

34:21 – (Drunken Nonsense) Poppin’ Jalops with Yehuda, Ron, Ross and Mattias
50:28 – (Sober Nonsense) The Ronkonkoma Dunkin’ Donuts Story with Ron and Skye

At Paul Chu’s:
56:10 – Mattias describes Tusken Raider Photo Art and Negative
1:04:01 – David Gaule describes Fett Color Separations and the RECENT history of their discovery
1:08:22 – Paul Chu introduces The Carded Rocket Fett
1:10:05 – Erik Janniche explains the discovery of the Carded Rocket Fett
1:15:43 – Ron tells of matching the Toy Fair ’79 Negative to the Carded Rocket Fett
1:22:49 – Paul describes the Rocket Fett Negative
1:25:58 – Jonathan McElwain talks about a Paperweight
1:27:00 – Steve Rensi, Alex Bickmore and Derek Ho talk about Popy Inserts
1:29:51 – The UZAY run
1:31:11 – The Head Man story with Jonathan Morla and Paul Chu

In Chinatown:
1:38:14 – Skye goes to Sucklord’s Suckhole

In Nashville:
1:49:05 – Ron and Yehuda Go to ICCC
1:50:30 – Pete LeRose talks Vinyl Cape Jawa Values (MarketWatch)
1:51:56 – Yehuda unboxes his VIP package
1:53:49 – Michael Havens talks ICCC
1:57:09 – Yehuda talks about Factors Jewlery Display
1:58:40 – Duncan Jenkins discusses panels and buying Canadian Comics (Unloved Item)
2:01:53 – Ryan and Cathy Peck Discuss Cosplay (Space Freaks of the Week)
2:04:31 – Christopher and Stephanie Riehle recap the show

2:07:16 – Steve Danley Man Out

Check out the rest of the photos in this gallery HERE!

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