Wednesday, January 2, 2019

'Chive Cast 94 - Bib Fortuna Filth Dance

Skye and Steve talk about the worst character in the Star Wars saga, Bib Fortuna. We discuss different colored capes, amazing toothpaste figures, dentist postcards, beezers, Paint-by-Numbers and then are joined by the #1 Bib collector in the World, Phidias Barrios. He regales us with the stories of his amazing collection and how it was made. We're talking everything from wax pieces to strange and exotic patent references that you have definitely never even thought about. An episode so good, you'll be saying "Yay wanna wanga" and "Yay Jabba! Yes Badda!"

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02:26 – Skye explains how PSAs made him hate Bib Fortuna
06:19 – What there is to love about Bib
08:12 – Bib's Coin Text
08:56 – Majordomo Talk
11:14 – Behind the Steve on Bib Fortuna's Design Origin
17:07 – Skye-Ku
18:38 – Unloved Item of the Month (Paint-by-Numbers)
23:45 – Vintage Vocab (Red Cape, White Cape, Burgundy Cape)
41:13 – Spanish Colgate Bib Fortuna
48:07 – Oral-B Dentist Postcard Set
53:53 – Skye plugs his stupid music YouTube channel
56:19 – Phidias Barrios joins to discuss his mind-blowing collection
57:22 – The Wax Sculpt (and what is a Wax Cast?)
01:03:20 – The Unpainted Hardcopy
01:06:03 – The Painted Hardcopy
01:10:02 – The Protomold
01:19:09 – Bib Fortuna Smash Bros. MarketWatch Game
01:29:40 – Nugget from the Archive (Bib's Patent References)
01:48:13 – Outro

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