Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Celebration Chicago 2019 Fan Swag Round Up: Part 1

Amy writes:

 Celebration Chicago is a few weeks away. Soon we will be reveling in 5 days of panels, parties and swag. The best part, as always, is seeing collector friends that you only get to see at Celebration. Naturally, many fans make small tokens to commemorate the event. For a refresh of what was handed out at the last celebration look no further than here.

Trading has been going on for several years now. Turns out, the tradition has only grown and spread far beyond the collecting community. Take for example this SWC Swag Crew on Facebook which boasts a tracked list that exceeds 1,000 unique items for this convention alone.

Due to the sheer volume, I will be focusing these posts on collector and collectible themed swag. Prepare for your jaw to drop.

Coin set of 15 -- Complete the set and get the barge coin holder - NESWCC, Line Force, KSWCC, SWCS, SWCC, Swag Crew, Norwich SW Club UK 

12 patch set -- Complete collection of 12 and receive the bonus Boba patch -Joe Kersavage, Daryl Whitlow, Chris Moorehead, Chris Logli, Mark Schnack, Brent Abell, Donna Abell, Chris Hamilton, Marjorie Carvalho, Shawn Moynihan, Ralph Dizozza, Jimmy Barcellino, Brian Horner, Mike De Stefano

9 patch set -San Antonio Ewok Wranglers

Puzzle patch set -NESWCC

Build your own Palitoy Death Star -- Ben Coomber, Martin Woodgate, Peter Lee, James Martin, Simon McOwan, Robert Marsh, Daniel Burgess, Jason Smith, Nick Rayner, Daz Quinn

SARLACC 25th anniversary coin -- Members of SARLACC

Han towels -starwars_runner

Kenner overstock hardcopy pins -- Josh Blake

Kenner TV mash-up buttons 1 of 5 -- Vintage Rebellion Podcast

2 Patch Set -- Darren Mcaleese, Bill Cable

Patch -- KSWCC

4 button set ESB -- Buckeye State Collectors

2 patch set -- Steve Rensi, Bill Cable

Mini Intergalactic Passport (collect all 4 stamps) -- Matthew Mulinaro

Button and patch carded set -- Nerdmatters

 Mail-away button -- Mark Huber

Dengar Disguise Kit -- Shawna Bova

Boba Fett Offer button (stop by the booth for a Boba Pin) -- Billy Galaxy

Vintage trading card buttons (collect all 9-blind packaged with a chance to win a patch) -- Craig Boyse

Han Solo HCF pencil sharpener -- Craig Spivey, Grant Criddle

Cobot tokens -- Erik Janniche, Johnathan McElwain

K-2-SO's cereal boxes, flyer, buttons -- Jim Gibbons

 Badge - Ryan Dooks

 Tiki patch -- Ken Tarleton

 Button based on UK party plates -- Graham Huges

Mini rig patch -- Craig Aossey

Pizza the Hutt promotion (various items) -- various collectors

 Boba Fett Micro pins -- Rob Amantea

Speeder Bike swag box --Todd Giganti

Various Mos Atlanta items - Narayan Naik

POTF bottle cap card sets (collect all caps to get a coin album) -GASWC and Mos Atlanta Cantina

Kenner Carrying Case patch set -- OSWCC

Carded Tarkin magnet -- Left Coast Graphics

Patch -- Chris Moorehead

Soda bottle pins -- Amy Sjoberg

Tote bag -- Jim Gibbons, Amy Sjoberg, Tom Stewart

Ewoks 9 patch set -- Mike Kurtz

If you are attending celebration, and want to meet some new collectors and make new friends, consider joining Star Wars With Friends (SWWF). Created by Cathy Kendrick, SWWF is a scrabble game you can play to win prizes and get swag. All donations made to play the game go to Rancho Obi-Wan. 

We have barely made a pecking on the surface! I will be making another post next week with more swag. Until then, may your lanyards be full!

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