Monday, November 25, 2019

'Chive Cast 102 - Nien Nunb: Revenge of Old Flapjacks

Lando's halibut-faced co-pilot takes center stage in this month's show as Skye and Steve return to the silver mic once again. Broc Walker comes on to talk Nien Nunb hardcopies, Toltoys, Sweepstakes fever, proofs and Coca-Cola tumblers. This episode features the great 2010 Hardcopy Auction and outlines how a first shot went from Toy Shop to Broc. Plus an EPIC MarketWatch game that proves that James Brown is better than Prince on the next Vintage Pod.

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00:00 – Intro
02:29 – The Havens Interview fallout
07:09 – Skye and Steve's personal lives and the show
14:40 – Muppet, Language, Racist, Labia (Very Diverse Nien Nunb Thoughts)
30:07 – Skye-Ku
32:35 – Vintage Vocab: ROTJ 48 Backs
41:54 – Australian and Canadian Nien Nunb
46:36 – Kenner Commercial Break
50:42 – What if you wanted to collect ALL carded figures with Nien Nunb on it?
53:05 – Broc joins the Show
54:08 – Nugget from the Archive (2010 Hardcopy Auction Story)
1:00:30 – First Shot: From Toy Shop to Broc
1:03:54 – Revenge of the Jedi Mock-Up Proof Card
1:07:43 – The ROTJ Kenner Sweepstakes
1:19:41 – Unloved Item (Coca-Cola Tumbler)
1:23:05 – Super MarketWatch Game: Prince v. James Brown
1:35:58 – Baseball Talk
1:45:03 – Outro

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