Wednesday, October 28, 2020

'Chive Cast 110 - The Emperor is DASHIT

The spooky Supreme Master gets to shine this spooky month as Skye and Steve talk about the Emperor, the bald Emperor, Basement Bounty Hunters, and Micro Emperors before being joined by Duncan Jenkins for some truly "Duncan" items. Then, Ben Sheehan and Mattias Rendahl join to talk about the adventure of publishing the new book on vintage 2D preproduction, The Cromalin Strikes Back. Finally, Georgia's own Justin Haynie and Jason TK-Sparrow Cain talk about collecting Palpatine. It's a full episode!

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05:13 – Emperor Figure Thoughts
08:38 – Cardback Thoughts
10:28 – Why the Emperor is the Best Character in the SW Saga
20:35 – The Dark Side within us.  
21:58 – Behind the Steve
35:28 – Skye-Ku
27:42 – Vader’s Father? Skye’s Father? 
42:09 – Nugget from the Archive (Bald Emperor Hardcopy)
47:18 – The Emperor Offer
54:51 – Unproduced Emperor Micro Sculpt With Duncan
1:05:04 – Unloved with Duncan: Spanish Chocolate Spread Sticker
1:11:44 – Unloved Coca Cola Tumbler with Shuttles
1:15:38 – Massachusetts Exclusive Plastic Emperor Cup
1:18:50 – How Duncan Can You Get? Vinyl Drawstring Bag from Mexico
1:22:20 – McCall’s Fabric Patterns
1:27:26 – Ewok Bubble? 
1:30:46 – German Mustard Glass
1:34:38 – Greek Mini Puzzles with Store Display
1:37:40 – The Celebration IV Lucasfilm Auction at LA
1:47:00 – Ben Sheehan explains Basement Bounty Hunters
1:55:04 – The Cromalin Strikes Back! Mattias Rendahl interview
2:21:55 – Jason and Justin talk Emperor!
2:28:30 – 65-C Back Rarity and Trivia
2:37:56 – Double Lightning Round!
2:45:12 – Market Watch Game

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