Sunday, May 30, 2021

'Chive Cast 114 - Han Trench Don't Give A Ford

Share a half-smirk with Skye and Steve as they work their way through Han Solo in his Trenchcoat and by Harrison Ford in his Ennui. We talk about the figure from his head mold to his signature coat and from Singapore to Mexico. Aaron Longbine joins to talk about focusing on Trenchy and Todd Chamberlain teaches us about the enigmatic John Marco, the illusive first replica prop maker and the first cosplay dealer.

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05:09 – Behind the Steve: Origin of the trench 
09:30 – Behind the Steve: Harrison Ford Wants OUT!
14:07 – POTF Coin
16:24 – Did Kenner Care about Han Trench? 
18:44 – R-Rated Skyeku
21:02 – Han Trench Hardcopy mold, Three Trench Coat Prototypes
28:37 – Nugget From The Archive: ERG Han Trench Test
32:47 – The Tale of John Marco with Todd Chamberlain
47:20 – John Marco the Muffler King? 
50:52 – Interacting with the man
58:30 – How to document disappearing legends of the hobby? 
1:02:33 – International Han Trench Items: France, Europe, Singapore and Mexico
1:10:09 – Han vs. Luke in Cardback form: Optimism vs. Cynicism
1:14:15 – Aaron Longbine Joins the Show
1:31:07 – The Kenner Shirt Debacle
1:40:41 – MarketWatch Game with Aaron

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