Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stephane Faucourt's "La French Touch"

Ron writes:

When Archive editor Stephane Faucourt visited me last winter, he came toting a copy of his latest book, "La French Touch: History of Star Wars Merchandising, 1977-1986." The title pretty much says it all: It covers every bit of "Star Wars" merchandising to appear in France during the vintage era. Not just action figures or toys . . . everything. (That said, you action figure collectors needn't worry: There's a ton of toy information contained in the tome.) It'll surely remain the definitive book on licensed French "Star Wars" product for some years to come, if not forever.

I could go into detail regarding the book's contents, but Stephane's website does exactly that, and it provides page samples that give a sense of how attractive the layout is.

I'm a big fan of books focused on collecting, especially ones that convey a lot of first-hand research and experience. If you're of a similar mind, I heartily recommend you pick up "La French Touch" before Stephane sells out.

Here's an interview with Stephane about the book.

The book can be purchased on Amazon here.

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