Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MarketWatch: AT-AT Commander

Michael L. writes:

With the 'Chive Cast returning to its regular show format following the live SWCA shows, we are back on the specific figure MarketWatch track. First up is the AT-AT Commander. Whilst not the most exciting figure, I did actually anticipate a bit more love for him that the market actually produced.

As we move past the 41 back characters, the number of potential cardbacks we see him on reduces, with only 5 ESB cardback possibilities. Regular followers of the MW will know we're always on the lookout for coin offer MOCs, particularly those that have multiple offers and even multiple price stickers. AT-AT Commander didn't disappoint.

Summary of auctions:

Pricing was relatively low across all examples seen over the period. Perhaps this reflects that no high grade examples are coming up for auction. A few decent grade examples in the $300+ range were sitting as BIN auctions, but no takers. I actually didn't find any Kenner graded MOC's sold over the period ..... this was a first for these MarketWatch segments. We did find plenty of coin offer stickers, no surprise, as I'm sure he was a very good peg warmer back in the day.

Interestingly, the market rate for the 2010 Vintage Collection MOC was in the $50-$75 range, this would be the first time I've seen those MOC's up with (and more than) the majority of sales data.


Not a lot of high end items to pick from this month. Here is his debut card, in reasonable shape:

45 Back ungraded $124.99 - eBay link

45 Back - ungraded $78 - eBay link

Perhaps the cheapest debut MOC I've seen...

45 Back ungraded $26 (with POP removed) - eBay link

Onto the coin offers...

47 Back - 4-LOM offer plus coin offer sticker ungraded $56 - eBay link
(I actually found another similar cardback with coin offer that sold for $41).

48A ungraded with coin offer sticker $85 - eBay link

48B ungraded $67.50 - eBay link

48C ungraded $62.11 - eBay link


65 ungraded $34 - eBay link

77 Ungraded $43 - eBay link

So there we have this month's selection. Not a lot of great examples, but it highlights that you can still buy some MOC's at pretty reasonable pricing. 

Till next month, Wampa Wampa!!

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