Monday, July 13, 2015

Scrapbooking Star Wars Part 2: Homework

Amy writes:

In a continuation of our look into the past through Star Wars scrapbooks, Part 2 covers that dreaded childhood task: homework.

One unifying theme in these examples is turning a passion of Star Wars into actual homework assignments. Was it our fault that the teacher left broad guidelines as to allow for such free style writing?

Tom Berges from I Grew Up Star Wars and Galaxy of Toys has shared his journal from second grade with us.  He clearly chose the right notebook to write in.

This entry from March 15, 1979 shows that Tom is happiest when he gets Star Wars figures. I have a feeling this has not changed since 1979. The R2 shown here is based off of the vintage Kenner figure. Better yet, his teacher's comment 'oh Tom do you really like Star War(s)?'  

Flash forward to the spring of 1999 in my junior year of high school art class. The assignment was to do a sketch a day for homework. This collage completed the week Episode 1 came out includes the ticket stub, a headline from the Seattle Times, a sketch of the Cinerama theater, and a artsy recollection of my time in line.

I'd like to think my excitement wore off on my teacher when she wrote this comment on the back of the page:

Collector Earl Bergquist, submitted this assignment from his nephew Albin (age 7). Instead of leaving blank areas in his spelling sheet, he filled it with various designs of TIE fighters.  

Our next installment will look at examples of vintage scrapbooks containing packaging, newspaper clippings and a few surprises.

Have some Star Wars homework in your past that you want to share below?

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