Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Chive Cast 66 - Ethics & the Afro-Bespinian Guard

It’s the last ‘Chive Cast before Episode 7 and the official beginning of the Postquel era! Steve and Skye briefly discuss the new movie, which somehow becomes a discussion on race and sexuality in the Star Wars universe. Then we invite many people to the Space Chess Roundtable to discuss the topic of Ethics in the vintage Star Wars collecting hobby. “Hey” Ross Cuddie from Canada, Derek and Greg from Singapore and Ross Barr from the back of his van join us to discuss promises; sheet cutting; box folding; flipping of all sorts and buying stolen toys. Plus, we invent the terms “Faux-cus collector” and we name the “Tillman Sculptor” during our discussion of the Black Bespin Guard. Join the conversation with the (Episode Order) 66th Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast!

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