Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MarketWatch: Zuckuss

Michael L. writes:

Two characters left in the ESB line to cover - Zuckuss and 4-LOM. I considered a joint post for these two bounty hunters, due to their name / identity crisis issue caused by West End Games but decided I will give them each their own due (though if you're ever searching to buy either of these guys, try both names!). I always thought Zuckuss was such a great figure - who as a kid didn't love an action figure with a gun that size (size always matter...right?). He was also a sturdy figure that had a simple pose that was easy to stand and hold that BFG!

From a market perspective, this month's data did offer up a number of high priced / high graded pieces. Even a clear bubble on ESB card were selling around that $300 mark. Once there was a drop off in quality, ungraded and then the ROTJ cards were a good deal cheaper. Nothing too surprising though, and the straight AFA85 figure could well have gone higher, but it does seem we are seeing a few signs that the top of the market has been reached and we might be coming off just a little. Let's see what happens the next few months. Now onto Zuckuss.


48A AFA85 (C85/B85/F85) $739.85 - eBay link

48A AFA85 (C85/B85/F80) $573.56 - eBay link

48B Ungraded $299 - eBay link

48B Ungraded $133.50 - eBay link

48C AFA80-Y (C80/B80/F85) $261 - eBay link

48C Ungraded $308 - eBay link


65A AFA75 (C75/B85/F85) $141.38 - eBay link

65C Ungraded $109.87 - eBay link

77A Ungraded $79 - eBay link


It's been awhile since I looked at the loose figures in the data, but this month I couldn't resist this bootleg from Poland.

Polish - 2nd Generation $52.50 - eBay link

And that wraps up the month's summary of Zuckuss. The market which has been so hot might just be entering a period of flat to slightly lower prices -- a little bit of respite for those actively collecting. High graded examples will remain high, and their upper limit is probably driven by timing and just who's looking for those cards at that time. Till next month...

Wampa Wampa

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