Monday, June 20, 2016

MarketWatch: 4-LOM

Michael L. writes:

4-LOM, the last figure on an ESB cardback. Anyone who follows these posts will know that I always try to find every ESB cardback variant to report against for the character of the month. Writing these posts has made me aware of all the variants across the ESB line...but not so on the  ROTJ cardbacks.  But, that's the great thing about this hobby, there's always something to learn, so I am looking forward to a deeper dive into the ROTJ cardbacks.

I wasn't able to find a high end ESB cardback... which was a shame as that's where the crazy pricing exists. I would say though the $400+ for the 48C ungraded with a price sticker did seem high (but not unsurprising in the current market). Pricing tailed away pretty quickly after that. Quite a few graded ROTJs, which did fetch reasonable pricing (for the seller). As usual there was a decent amount of low end MOC's that went for well under $100.

Here's the data:


48C Ungraded - $413.00 (eBay link)

48C UKG75 (C75 / B80 / F90) - $363 (eBay link)

48C Ungraded - $205 (eBay link)


48D AFA80-Y (C80 / B85 / F80) - $260 (eBay link)

65A AFA80 (C80 / B85 / F85) - $227.50 (eBay link)

65A Ungraded $109.99 (eBay link)

65C Ungraded $44.95 (eBay link)

77A Ungraded - $125.00 (eBay link)

77B Ungraded - $41.99 (eBay link)


Red Armour (PBP) - $637.50 (eBay link)

Mail-away - $62.01 (eBay link)

And there ends the ESB characters from a MarketWatch perspective. It's been a few years since we started tracking the ESB characters, and the market has changed significantly since then (thank you Disney). I'll be interested to see what the ROTJ figures bring us...there's lots of main characters, but with a decent assortment of background aliens (and for the most part on yellowed bubbles I'd dare say we find some cheap MOC's in the coming reports).

Until next month, happy buying and selling. Wampa Wampa!!

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