Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Celebration Europe 2016 Fan Swag: Part 2

Amy writes:

For those of you headed to Celebration Europe a few days from now, here are a few more items to keep a look out for. In the last installment I said we likely had more fan swag to be announced. Here is a second and final helping of buttons, badges, patches, postcards, guitar picks and even luggage tags.

This time around there are one or two items that may have replaced Madine's beard as my favorite item being handed out (check out the Han Towel at the end of this post). Speaking of Madine, Darren has confirmed that there will be a chase price tag variant so keep a look out for that.

Darren Mcaleese and Andy Davies

Matthieu Barthelemy

Sean Fuller

Shawn Moynihan

Shawn Moynihan

Tom Stewart

Bill Cable

Chris Georgoulias

Dami An

Ross and Charmaine Cuddie

Michael Ritter

James Martin

Stewart Harper

Ryan Dooks

Elling Haug

Chris Reiff

Adam Booth


Daryl Whitlow Palitoy Death Star Luggage Tag

Daryl Whitlow Badges and Guitar Picks

SWF.UK Badge Insert Card

SWF.UK Han Towels (only made 20; trade only)

Grant Criddle, Craig Spivey and Mark Daniels Helix Stationary (not final image)

Rounster (on the SWF.UK forums) Beer Koozies

Norse Legion Patch

Stuart Harper Patch

Ralph Dizozza Line Force Fan Club Patch

Daryl Whitlow and @TGP73 (on twitter) 3pc Patch Set

Robert Marsh Leia Stickers

James Martin Stickers

James Martin VME Bottle Opener

Andy Dukes and Cathy Kendrick Trading Cards

Ficromic Facebook booth N417 Trading Cards (set of 3)

Jedi Temple Archives Large Format Trading Cards

Jose M Arosa 5 Postcards

Now, perhaps you are in a panic wanting to know what to do and how to participate? Veteran swag trader Mike Ritter offered up some great advice: 

Have it be fun! Have it be cool! But no selling of swag. Trading is encouraged but not necessary. If someone doesn't have anything to trade, don't exclude them. It's all about sharing your passion for SW and making friends. Swag comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, as I'm sure you've seen. It started out mostly as 1" round buttons, but there are diecast pins, large buttons, small buttons, patches, trading cards, lanyards, badges, etc. You name it and it can be swag. We had can coolies at C6 and toothbrushes at C7. Do what makes you happy, but don't overdo it. 

Sound advice from Mike. I'll further share my secret: I get my button designs through Wacky Buttons. They have an easy design template available online and ordering 100 buttons won't break the bank.  

Be sure to pack extra room in your luggage for the return trip home and have a great time everyone!

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