Monday, March 13, 2017

MarketWatch: Gamorrean Guard

Michael L. writes:

 For those of you who follow the MarketWatch "Figures of the Month," you'll certainly see the pattern. There are almost always some nice examples (often graded) that command a good price. And we saw this with this month's figure, Gamorrean Guard, though at around $300 for a nice graded (clear bubble) the pricing wasn't too outrageous (though I appreciate this will depend on when you started collecting).

I would say that you could get a reasonable GG for around $50, though you might have to put up with a missing POP -- which I imagine will become more and more prevalent as we continue through the ROTJ line, as I'm sure by 1983/84 there were many collectors out there buying these and putting them away to fund their child's college fees.

For those that collect the POTF line, they'll know GG is in the hard-to-get realm, with his release limited to Australia. I was able to find an example that sold for well over the $1k mark -- that's dedicated if you're doing a POTF and/or full carded run.

Here's the data for the month...oh, and don't forget we now call him Crunchee!


65A - AFA80 (C85/B80/F85) - $301 - eBay link

65A - AFA80 - $290 (sold on Facebook - ROTJ Group)

65A - AFA85-Y (C80/B85/F85) - $111.50 - eBay link

65A - Ungraded - $138.49 - eBay link

65B AFA80 (C80/B80/F90) - $224.50 - eBay link

65B Ungraded (POP missing) - $61 - eBay link

65B Ungraded - $44.51 - eBay link

65C ungraded SOLD with Klaatu (POP's missing) - $49 - eBay link

65C ungraded - $39.99 - eBay link

77A Ungraded - $100 - eBay link

Two Pack (with Darth Vader) - $811.00 - eBay link

POTF Ungraded - $1,582 - eBay link


Canadian 65 Back Ungraded - $35.00 - eBay link


Kenner - ROTJ-d Sealed Baggie (Made in Macau) - $61.01 - eBay link

There ends another month. I will say he was an ugly figure, but had some nice playability with that axe weapon and you never had to endlessly re-stand this figure up -- he is solid.

Till next month...
Wampa Wampa

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