Tuesday, March 7, 2017

MarketWatch: Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise)

Michael L. writes:

 I took the opportunity to do a two-part for Leia Boushh. In preparing the MarketWatch for the podcast, I do my searching on the various Facebook sites together with eBay and create a draft file for Steve to work through. I then come back and polish the post off once the podcast is live. For various reasons I didn't get back to Leia Boushh for a few months. Given Carrie Fisher's passing late last year, I've now taken the opportunity to have a look at how pricing has gone in early 2017, relative to my data from a few months back.

In looking at the more recent sales it was evident that there was a bump up in pricing -- just how much of it was driven by Carrie's passing is debatable (we were also looking at December sales relative to January / February). There were a few auctions out there that called her name out to attract bidders. The high end items certainly fetched a solid price, with a more recent sale of over $700 (I didn't find anything in that order first time around).

And one for Skye - I was able to find more expensive versions of LEGO Boushh than her carded examples (in the rougher cards); that feels like a first. I also came across a POTF2 piece and included that (don't shoot me - I know its not vintage). And I pity the Funko collectors out there, Boushh doesn't come cheap.

On to the data...



65A Ungraded - Sold as pair with Luke Jedi (65A) - $200.50 - eBay link
Love how this was listed as '2 old Star Wars carded figures' and that they were found in a 'very old house.'

65A AFA85 (C85/B85/F85) - $269.08 - eBay link

65A Ungraded - $101.76 - eBay link

65B Ungraded (Clear Bubble) - $299 - sold via Facebook

65B (with Tsukuda offer)  AFA80 Y-NM (C80/B75/F85) - $274.99 - eBay link
I included an image of the cardback - so nice with that Tsukuda sticker.

65B Ungraded - $53.00 - eBay link

65B Ungraded - $110 - sold via Facebook

65C ungraded - $129.99 - eBay link

65C Ungraded (with clear bubble) - $130 - sold via Facebook (this actually SOLD back in April 2015)
Given the clear bubble, and relatively good shape of the card, I'd say this would attract a bigger premium these days, even though things have cooled a little).

77A Ungraded (with Coin Offer sticker) - $34.99 - eBay link

Cut Card from a 65B - $53.00 - eBay link


Lili Ledy with unpainted overstock helmet $300 - sold via Facebook


Hand-painted First Shot - $900 - sold via Facebook (came with Toy Hunter authentication)

POTF2 Leia Boushh on Red Card Ungraded - $2,136 - eBay link 
This was a prototype MOC, using a different coloured Boushh from the final production piece and a Darth Vader cardback.



65A AFA80 - $708.00 - eBay link

65B Ungraded - $300.00 - eBay link

77A Ungraded - $85.00 - eBay link

77B AFA80Y (C75/B85/F85) $162.59 - eBay link

There's a wrap on Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise). It was fair to say there's been a bump in pricing in 2016 (post Carrie's passing away). I was pretty surprised when I looked back over the data - there were some very cheap examples out there not too long ago. Good luck to those of us that are hunting a decent Boushh for our collections, she won't come cheap.

Wampa Wampa

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