Saturday, April 8, 2017

Celebration Orlando: Collecting Track Summary of Events

Tommy writes:

Keeping track of all of the awesome events and exclusives offered by the Collecting Track this time around can be a little daunting. That's why I thought I'd provide everyone an easy pocket summary:

Our main event are the 20 different panels we will be putting on in room W307, discussing all different aspects of Star Wars collecting. Here is the schedule.
4 out of the 20 exclusive Star Tots we will be giving away!

If you attend any of our panels, you will receive a Star Tot, which is a 2D metal and enamel token, re-imagining Kenner's vintage action figures in the style of preschool toys. They will all have a Return of the Jedi theme and there are 20 of them in the set. These are always very popular with fans/collectors, so be sure to arrive at each panel early if you'd like to get one!

We are having our Collecting Track Awards, which people can vote on right now. Winners will be announced at Celebration.

We have the ReCollections event, which is a
request for your stories! Fans of the iconic franchise are invited to film themselves discussing the events, people, and collections that have fueled their love for Star Wars Collecting at the Collecting Track Social Lounge in Room W305. These “re-Collections” are limited to two guests per session and recordings will last approximately 10 minutes. Videos will be displayed in the Collecting Track Social Lounge and may be shared again at future Celebration events. As an added bonus, each participant will receive an exclusive patch available inside the Collecting Track Social Lounge.

We have our Scavenger Hunt, which is always very popular. This time it is a photo hunt! Simply get a card from the Collector's Lounge (Room W305) with the list of items. Photograph yourself with each of the collectibles and return to the Collector's Lounge to have all your photos verified by a volunteer. Prizes and medals for the finishers while supplies last!

And last but not least, be on the lookout for other fans and collectors who are giving away awesome swag! While these fan-created items aren't an official Collecting Track giveaway, they are something a lot of people create. If you see someone walking around the convention center with a lot of different pins or buttons, go ahead and ask him/her about them. They might just have something free for you!

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