Friday, April 7, 2017

'Chive Cast 81 - Imperial Guard Lance

Skye and Steve discuss the Emperor’s Royal Guard (ERG) with ol’ Angel Eyes himself, Mattias Rendahl. We explain blueprints, reference photos, a brown cape first shot, and several POTF mock-ups. Unloved umbrellas and unseen jumpsuits abound. Plus, we debut the brand new “Space Freak of the Week (like Raphael Sadiiq) Feature” by interviewing Dallas Ewen and Mark Sanders. Plus, the most exciting MarketWatch game ever!


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05:36 – Robot Chicken Clip
07:03 – Script Flip
13:22 – Skye-Ku
15:41 – Space Freak of the Week Explanation
17:20 – Mattias talks about His ERG Focus
19:20 – A Vintage Blueprint for ERG “Lance”
23:25 – Reference Photo
29:31 – Brown Cape ERG First Shot
32:31 – Carded Sample ERG
34:10 – Swedish Emperor Event (Blog Log)
40:50 – Nugget From the Archive (ERG POTF Design) Mock-Up
50:28 – Unloved Items (ERG Ephemera)
1:00:23 – Hockey Style MarketWatch Game
1:15:15 – ERG Bootleg Bonanza
1:22:10 – Space Freak of the Week 1: Dallas Ewen
1:38:17 – Space Freak of the Week 2: Mark Sanders
1:56:15 – Phantom Shadow dedication and Outro

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