Thursday, January 11, 2018

'Chive Cast Blog Log Pod Episode 5 - Famous Auctions

"Fratastic" Pete, Skye and Steve discuss many important Vintage Star Wars auctions over the last 20 years with "Ron Ron" Salvatore and Chris Georgoulias. We briefly mention several auctions which we will return to at a later date, but go in depth on the following events:

-The 2002 Celebration II Collector Track Auction
-The 2007 Celebration IV Charity Auction (and the great Lucasfilm Marketing Dumps)
-The 2011 The Boba Fisher Auction somewhere in Pennsylvania
-The 2008 Premier Collectible Auction in San Diego, the greatest and most important Vintage Auction there has ever been and ever will be.

Finally, we discuss the 2017 Hakes Auction which could be a harbinger of things to come. Wait, how many tens of thousands of dollars?  Have a listen and learn how the hobby we love has recently become "Auction House Worthy." supply warehouse selling vintage?!

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05:41 – "Fratastic" Pete joins the show and discusses the 2007 Lucasfilm Auction
10:59 – Chris Georgoulias joins the show
14:19 – Celebration II Collector Track Auction
17:05 – The DiCaprio Auction
20:15 – Discussion of Celebration III Lucasfilm Marketing Dump (featuring books and animation cels) and the later 2007 Lucasfilm Marketing Dump
24:50 – Celebration IV Charity Auction revisited
26:30 – The Plumbing Supply Warehouse that used to sell merchandise directly from the Lucasfilm archives
29:36 – Boba Fisher: the man and the auction
54:21 – The 2008 PCA San Diego Auction, The Biggest and Best Vintage Auction of all time
01:24:07 – Hakes Round One

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