Saturday, April 28, 2018

'Chive Cast 89 - Weequay Two: Skiff Guard Boogaloo

Skye and Steve walk the plank with Weequay this month and discuss his Don Post mask, his connection to Moby Dick, his cardback image, his original nameplate, his Blue Harvest faux prototypes (faux-totypes), and his original fate. Phidias Barrios joins to talk about his amazing run of our favorite Sandy-Wrinkled-Noble-Sailor-of-the-Dune-Sea and fights with Tommy "Money Train" Garvey in a spectacular MarketWatch. Enjoy more Garvey action as Katie's brother explains the newest feature on the Archive: "The Community Digest." Plus, we spread some love and talk about the Bickmore boys, American Toy and Furniture, old toy stores in Kentucky and Skye says at least 3 objectively inflammatory things that are probably wrong on this month's episode of Steve's Vintage Toys Collecting the Archive with Skye and People!

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01:41 – Intro
03:30 – Weequay 2 or Paghetti Rook
06:22 – Moby Dick’s Queequeg and Jedi’s Weequay
12:27 – Jabba’s Sail Barge = Stupid
13:28 – Do we mourn Toys r Us?
16:05 – Rebels Saves Kenner Aliens
20:07 – Flip the Script: Whatever Happened to Weequay 2?
23:13 – Skye-Ku
26:29 – Tommy Explains the Community Digest
39:21 – Phidias Discusses his Weequay Collection
44:12 – Vintage Vocab: Blue Harvest and Skiff Guard
54:50 – Weequay MarketWatch
01:10:29 – News: Vintage Fan Film / Vintage Toy Store Sales Reports (Kentucky)
01:19:30 – Nugget from the Archive: Bookshelf Original Art and American Toy And Furniture discussion
01:31:00 – Unloved Item of the Month: Don Post Mask
1:40:15 – Feedback (Explaining the April Fools Episode)

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