Friday, June 28, 2019

'Chive Cast 99 - Rocket Riding Along the Facebook Divide

“The Honesty, which is kindness, that comes across as cruelty.” This episode is about collecting the Biker Scout, but it is also about the pre-Facebook / Post-Facebook collector divide. We talk about the Rocket Rider’s short snout and proofs while also penning an open letter to the unofficial leadership council of the FaceBook collectors. We invite John Alvarez and Joe Yglesias -- the eternally old-and-grumpy Statler and Waldorf of vintage Star Wars -- to share tales of old hobby beefs and how it used to be on Rebelscum. John pipes in to discuss how he built his storied and dismantled Biker Scout run and then Joe helps us to think about where the Scout DNA hides in Vintage bootlegs. Plus FX Master history lessons, VHS ads, Quartz Stop Watches and an improvised MarketWatch on the Gretzky Podcast!

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01:30 – Show Intro
10:34 – Open Letter to the Facebook Gods
22:30 – Actual Biker Scout Talk Begins
28:40 – Behind the Steve with the “Rocket Bike” Rider
37:20 – Skye-Ku
38:12 – Netherlands Biker Scout Stuff
42:35 – John and Joe Tell Tales of Trolls Past
54:30 – Neinast Debate
1:03:14 – The Great "FX Master" Scam History
1:13:13 – The guy who didn’t understand what a Yak Face hardcopy is
1:27:30 – John’s Old Biker Scout Run
1:47:30 – Biker Scout DNA in the Bootleg
1:51:32 – Nugget from the Archive (Unproduced clock, Stopwatch Layout Art)
1:59:10 – Havens debate and John
2:03:09 – Unloved Item (Ditty Bag)
2:07:15 – Vintage Kenner Commercial
2:11:30 – Biker Scout Improvised MarketWatch
2:15:45 – Short Mouth Variant
2:17:22 – CBS-Fox Video Sweepstakes Ad and Outro

(NOTE: The Screed unpainted head/torso and the Gaff head pictured here turned out to be fake pieces made by Scott McWilliams - to learn more:

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