Sunday, August 25, 2019

'Chive Cast 101 - Surprise Lando in Disguise

It's a strangely on-topic episode all about Lando in his Skiff disguise as Skye and Steve talk about the character, his outfit and a lot about his toys. Long time hobby mainstay David Gaule joins the show to discuss his absolutely incredible Lando Skiff focus, to posit that many of his Argentinian prototypes might be fakes and to unveil a never-before-shown Kenner photograph. Plus he lends his talents to Kenner Commercial Theatre and a MarketWatch game. All this plus so many unloved items, a discussion of Disneyland and a "WTF are we good?" interview with Michael Havens on this first ever hundo broken 'Chive Cast.

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06:21 – Steve's trip to Disneyland
12:40 – Lando Skiff Mania
20:38 – Behind the Steve
27:37 – Skye-Ku
29:27 – Tsukuda Lando
33:33 – Nugget from the Archive (Unproduced POTF Mock-Up)
37:22 – David Gaule joins the show
42:36 – David's Pre-production Run
55:24 – The Great Top Toys Fake?
1:09:05 – Blueprint talk
1:10:15 – Modern Applause Sculpt
1:12:10 – Two Different Sign-offs from Smile
1:13:16 – CMYK Proof Talk
1:15:42 – Lando Gets Closer in Proofs
1:18:41 – Star Wars Babies?
1:20:24 – Never Shown Before Uncensored Toy Reference Photo
1:29:37 – Kenner Commercial Theater
1:35:42 – Visiting the Hasbro Offices
1:40:16 – One Dollar Vlix MarketWatch Game
1:48:07 – So-Be-It Lightning Round
1:57:32 – Unloved Italian Stickers
2:00:56 – Unloved Topps Cards
2:03:07 – Unloved Ugly Sigma Mug
2:05:14 – Unloved Coloring Book
2:11:14 – Michael Havens Interview
2:59:15 – Outro


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