Thursday, August 1, 2019

'Chive Cast 100 - Icelandic and Yugoslavian Vintage Star Wars Collectibles

Years after Skye married Steve, Steve now marries Skye and the two go on a fantastic vintage Star Wars 100th episode honeymoon in Iceland and former Yugoslavia. It's a deep dive in a shallow pool as we cover every single vintage item known of in the two countries that did not exactly have Star Wars fever. We feature stories of Steve's cousins and interviews with Skye's wife, Marjena Popović, and her friend, Zemo. We are talking books, magazines, stickers, posters, and more handbills than you can shake a Steve at, all on the new nuptial 'Chive Cast.

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07:55 – Steve's Guide to Icelandic Star Wars Collectibles
10:10 – Icelandic Star Wars Names and Books
18:38 – Icelandic Handbills
18:38 – Behind the Steve with the “Rocket Bike” Rider
30:55 – Marjena and Skye's Guide to Yugoslavian Star Wars Collectibles (and history)
41:17 – Yugoslavian Star Wars Posters (Part 1)
42:35 – The Yugoslavian Star Wars Novel
1:03:22 – Zemo on (sort of) growing up Star Wars in Yugoslavia
1:12:13 – Yugoslavian Star Wars Posters (Part 2)
1:18:19 – Yugoslavian Comics (part 1)
1:33:57 – The Importance of Ewoks
1:43:25 – Why Marjena Has No Toys
1:58:19 – Skye and Steve’s Outro

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