Sunday, February 23, 2020

'Chive Cast 104 - A Polyvocal 10th Anniversary Party with Chirpa and Logray

The 'Chive Cast enters its second decade with our second attempt at an Ewok centered episode with Chief Chirpa and Logray. It is super poly-vocal with "Brisbane-Brisbane" Mike bringing the MarketWatch fever, Ron talking Logray sculpts, Mattias chatting Chirpa, Dave Tree, David Quinn and "Crimelord" Dave Brott celebrating the first decade of the podcast and Mark Catley unveiling new Vintage Pod street art and explaining the Kiwi Card variants from his native New Zealand. All this plus a ton of usual features!

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00:51 – Skye and Steve wax poetic about the first ten years of the podcast
11:09 – Disney Plus and its impact on Star Wars Collecting
12:52 – Archive Party V Update
13:55 – Logray And Chirpa Thoughts
15:54 – Updated Cardback Matrices…48 Es?
17:54 – Logray the Eminence Grise?
19:38 – Best Naked Ewok?
22:57 – Fire Emblem Figure?
24:51 – Skye-Ku & more Figure thoughts (featuring Aerosmith)
31:16 – Brisbane Brisbane Mike’s Market Watch Game with Mattias
51:42 – Kenner Commercial Theater
56:15 – Fratastic Pete’s MarketWatch Game with Mike
1:10:23 – Inside the biggest Chief Chirpa collection in the world
1:50:42 – Logray and Accessories Sculpts with Ron
2:16:43 – Dave Tree: The Great ‘Chive Cast Wank-a-Thon begins!
2:37:21 – Mark Catley
2:47:57 – The “Kiwi-Cards”: A brief introduction to The Short New Zealand Cardbacks
2:57:30 – David Quinn reveals the Top 5 ‘Chive Cast Moments
3:08:30 – Dave the “Crimelord” Brott Interview
3:23:24 – Outro

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