Saturday, August 22, 2015

'Chive Cast 64 - Creamsicle Cloud Car Pilot

It’s a Jam Packed Vintage Twin Pod! We interview the architect of the Topps vintage card line, Gary Gerani. Skye comes up with a way to never forget the order of Topps borders (though you will wish that you could!). We interview Swedish collector superstars Mattias Rendahl and rock star Kristofer Astrom about the figure of the month, the Cloud Car Pilot. "Vintage Commercial Theater" reveals a Loquacious Lobot and the mysterious Robo Path. Ron schools the boys about the talking alarm clock for depressed children, die cast concept models, and new items on the Archive. Have a listen and figure out the meaning of the mysterious phrase that pays... "Bantha really young? Get out!"


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