Monday, August 31, 2015

MarketWatch: (Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot

Michael L. writes:

I'll admit that the Cloud Car Pilot was one figure I didn't own as a child. However, as I've become a collector in later life I have come to appreciate the figure. It's interesting the design Kenner came up with for him, given they had only the head and torso to go by.

In terms of the market for him we found a few decent examples this month among quite a few beat up cards. No Coin Offer stickers, which was a shame (and a surprise) -- I'm sure there are some good double offer examples out there.

Pricing seemed pretty reasonable. As usual, where the item was a high grade (in this instance an AFA80) and on a debut card, we saw a pretty high price, somewhere around the $450-$500 range. Outside of that piece, other nice examples (graded) fetched in the $200-$250 range. Once the quality fell off -- and we did see quite a few examples with poor bubbles and sticker peel-off damage -- pricing was well under $100.

In terms of the highlight, I would put forward this first foreign example. Obviously the cardback is rare, but it did come with both accessories, with the radio having a unique LL style to it .... onto the data:


Lili Ledy Cardback and Figure - $740.02 - eBay listing

The selling feature of this listing was both accessories, weapon and radio were genuine Ledy accessories (it would appear a Ledy radio is rare).


Starting off with the debut card...
45 Back AFA80 (C80/B85/F85) - approx. $500 - eBay listing

45 Back (Ungraded) - $141 - eBay listing

45 Back (Ungraded) - $130.50 - eBay listing

47 Back AFA80 (C80/B85/F80) - $200 - eBay listing

48A AFA80-Y (C80/B85/F85) - $260 - eBay listing

48C (Ungraded) - $109.16 - eBay listing

48C (Ungraded) - $50.95 - eBay listing


65 Back (Ungraded) - $91.00 - eBay listing

77 Back (Ungraded) - $51.44 - eBay listing

Another background character completed. Quality was pretty mixed, with a lot more poorer examples. They seem to be the ones that trade hands the most. I'm interested to see where the market goes as we lead into Episode VII and 2016....

Till next month,
Wampa Wampa


  1. The accessories for this figure have become fairly scarce these days. Seems a lot of kids misplaced the communicator packed inside. Reproduction pieces are running rampant on secondary markets, and official vintage complete figures are selling for $50.00 to $75.00. The communicator alone can set you back $40.00!