Monday, March 5, 2018

MarketWatch: Rebel Commando

Michael L. writes:

 To accompany the return of the "Figure of the Month" shows on the 'Chive Cast, here's a look at pricing for recent sales for the Rebel Commando. There's lots of chatter that post-The Last Jedi we are seeing a drop in pricing. I don't think we'll use the Rebel Commando as the "canary in the mine shaft" as his sales don't reflect any real trend.

I wasn't able to find that killer piece that goes for crazy money, though there is a foreign MOC which does get good money without what could be considered insane pricing. It remains the case that the lower end items continue to go for a reasonable price (for the budget conscious collector out there).

A couple of loose baggies are in the mix along with the Endor Forest Ranger mini rig. Pretty consistent themes here: you really are lucky if you can pick up cheap baggies.

Here's the data...


65B CAS85+ C85 B85 F85 (88.6) - $200 - eBay link (former Kenner employee uncirculated stock)

65B AFA85 C80 B90 F85 - $290 - eBay link

65A Ungraded - $136 - eBay link

65A Ungraded - $31 - eBay link

65B Ungraded - $85 (AUD) - eBay link

77A AFA80-Y (C80 B85 F85) - $142.50 - eBay link


PBP 65 Back AFA70 (C70/B85/F85) - $825 - eBay link 


AFA85 (China COO) - $83.00 - eBay link


Made in Hong Kong (Category III) - $111.27 - eBay link

Made in Hong Kong (Category III) - $78.77 - eBay link


MIB - $112.49 - eBay link

Opened (Unused) - $85.49 - eBay link

Tri-Logo (Opened) - $82.71 - eBay link

So there we have it Space Freaks, the Rebel Commando. See you back next time for our next ROTJ character. 

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