Wednesday, July 4, 2018

'Chive Cast 91 - From Squid Face to Squid Man

This month's podcast is dedicated to Jabba's squid-faced barge henchman and Venetian blind enthusiast, Squid Head. Skye gives you the top five reasons this figure is hot as FIRE and Steve breaks down the character's design just before Derek Webster stops by as the Space Freak of the Week (like Raphael Sadiiq). Ron R.A. "Ron-Ron" Salvatore Mundi stops by to ask the greatest unasked question in Vintage Collecting: Why is Hammerhead called Hammerhead? He also shares memories of collecting modern (?!), talks about the weekly "Ad of the Week" on the Archive's Facebook page, discusses his completely updated vintage catalog multipack article from and helps Skye give a damn about Squid Head cape colors including a discussion of the brown and the pink. You'll learn what a soft goods sample is and what isn't a salesman sample. Mike Cooper pops by to discuss Satanism in Star Wars, the unproduced Mongo Beefhead Tribesman, the Mexican Squid Head, an unloved puzzle and plays a high-stakes MarketWatch game. All this plus Obi-Obi-Obi Ozzy on the latest Vintage Pod.

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07:54 – Top 5 Reasons Squid Head is HOT
14:07 – Steve’s Squid Head thoughts
17:13 – Cardback Art Meditations
18:21 – Palace vs. Barge: The Distinction Must Be Made
26:37 – Skye-Ku
28:01 – Flip the Script: Chris Walas and Squidface?
33:00 – Derek Webster is the Space Freak of the Week (like Raphael Sadiiq)
46:36 – Ron joins the show and shares Squid-thoughts
49:35 – THE BIG QUESTION: Why is Hammerhead called Hammerhead?
50:54 – Vintagesploitation Explodes: Baby Gap
56:30 – Modern Collecting Nostalgia-rama with Ron and Skye
1:02:10 – Ron’s Weekly Vintage Advertising Facebook Posts
1:07:19 – ALL about Vintage Catalog Mailers
1:21:03 – Brown Caped Squid Heads: What is the Deal?
1:30:32 – Pink Caped Squid Head: What is a soft goods sample?
1:37:06 – Mike Cooper Joins the Show: what is he all about?
1:44:25 – Vintage Video on Satanism and Star Wars Toys
2:02:22 – Obi-Obi-Ozzy
2:03:52 – Nugget from the Archive: Unproduced Mongo Beefhead Tribesman (featuring Grandma talk and Gwar Analysis)
2:19:58 – Lili Ledy Ficha Technicas and Hombre Calamars
2:22:32 – Unloved Item: Jabba’s Fiends Puzzle
2:31:03 – Squid Market Watch (Plus Golden Grail and J-Slot Boba Sale Discussion)
2:53:50 – Lightning Round
3:07:35 – Feedback

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