Thursday, March 21, 2019

'Chive Cast 96 - Yeet Ree-Yees Sees in Threes

Ol’ Three Eyes is back as Skye and Steve discuss Ree-Yees, his deleted scene, his original design, his cigar habit, his video game skills, his photoart, his sculpt, his trinoculars and even his Dixie cups. Gus Lopez joins the crew to talk about the John Mollo sketchbook, the unproduced White Witch and the 25th Anniversary of the Archive Panel at Celebration Chicago. Finally, Chris Georgoulias and Pete Fitzke hop on to discuss the recent Prop Store auction. All this and a discussion of the most recent scandals from Hasbro and Red Letter Media.

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12:34 – Skye-Ku and bad high school joke
15:08 – Behind the Steve & Flip the Script
25:08 – News (Hasbro Retro, Red Letter Media Controversy)
39:27 – Prop Store Auction Intro. (Chris and Pete Join)
54:56 – The Ride on Speeder Bike Auction
1:02:46 – Giant Canadian Plush Chewbacca Display
1:07:01 – Paploo Soft Copy Coin & Star Trek
1:09:57 – Vintage Vocab (Photoart) and Steve’s “discovery”
1:19:48 – Gus Lopez Discusses the “Trinoculars”
1:23:26 – Gus Discusses the John Mollo Sketchbook
1:30:00 – Gus Discusses the White Witch
1:37:32 – Gus Discusses Celebration Chicago Panel and Archive Party
1:42:56 – Nuggets from the Archive (Ron’s Sculpt and Hardcopies)
1:54:00 – Unloved Item (Dixie Cup)
1:59:40 – Feedback and Baseball Returns!

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