Thursday, August 21, 2014

'Chive Cast 54: The Year of the Archive Begins

The "New" Archive, Carolina Collector Gatherings, and Gas-less Gas Stations...

Skye goes solo on the eve of the Archive's 20th anniversary after a weird episode from the night before is "lost" to the digital abyss. The new facets of the Archive and blog are highlighted, along with some news for a celebration of some sort happening in Anaheim next year. From there, you'll hear from a number of collectors from the Carolinas discussing favorite items from their collections and a road trip story that harkens back to the straight-out-of-a-exploitation-horror-film vibe of one of the podcast's earliest stories. All that and a taste of things to come on this first installment of our 2014 "Summer Special" double issue.

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1 comment:

  1. Great episode Skye! Though Steve and Ron were missed.
    The new archive format is fantastisk. I just noticed that you and Steve are Archive editors, if that's new congratulations and thanks.
    Wampa Wampa