Monday, August 25, 2014

MarketWatch: A New Home

The MarketWatch correspondents arrive to the blog.

Michael L. writes:

 A few years back I started up the old MarketWatch blog  as a way to contribute to Skye and Steve's 'chivecast. For me it started with Greedo and a few 'Advanced searches' on ebay which I compiled into a list of sales and sent to Steve via PM on Rebelscum. Steve responded that it was a great help and so I did the same the next month.

A few months later it had become a tradition of sorts, and I think Skye even termed us as 'interns'. I setup 'chivecastmarketwatch' as a way of recording the research I was doing, and a way of compiling into something a little more permanent than a Rebelscum PM. At the same time Pete was also contributing market data to Steve via email. So we got together and setup 'MarketWatch from the Sandcrawler' - with Pete contributing a monthly overview of the market, while I concentrated on the figure for the month (relative to the podcast). 

And here we are now part of the official SWCA site, with its new blog style, and a new home for the MarketWatch. 

It's been an interesting time to have watched the market the past year or two. And that is part of why we created the blog, so you can go back and see how the market has moved. (Here's the November 2012 post for Boba Fett, a little sobering if you're hunting a Boba Fett piece).

So going forward you'll hear from me with the 'Figure of the Month", which corresponds to the figure spotlight on the 'chivecast. Pete prepares a general MarketWatch update, covering items such as sealed items, loose and opened items, the rare and super-expensive and any other item(s) that provide a good talking point for the update.  

And lastly, thanks to the SWCA for adding Pete and I to the blog contributors, we're looking forward to the new home....

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