Sunday, March 15, 2015

MarketWatch: Too-Onebee (2-1B)

Michael L. writes:

Another background character rolls around with another period where there were plenty of sales. As always, I was able to find a good mix across the cardbacks 2-1B appears on (aside from Coin Offer stickers, which I thought I would find for sure). I found a few foreign items as well, and a nice POTF Coin. 

Having listened to the show and seen Fredrik's collection, I have gained a real appreciation for the figure. The cardback colour scheme is very appealing once combined with the colour of the figure. 

Anyway, onto the data...

I decided to try and create a game format this month. Given the show would hit the podcast airwaves in March, I decided on a March Madness ‘bracket’ format. I’ll admit it was a little confusing as I listened to the guys read it back on the show, but thought I would at least document it here on the blog. 

But before I get into the bracket, here's a summary of what we did see:


41A -- I found 3 examples of his debut card, all ungraded, with prices of $109.99, $160 and $211.50

47 back -- Only 1 example which sold at $190.89

48B -- 1 graded (AFA80) selling for $262.07 and an ungraded 48C selling for $62.


65B AFA 85 - $123.61

77 back -- A couple of ungraded MOC's selling for $76.95, $99.99 and $125.00

Trilogo - ungraded $63.00


Micro unproduced 1st shot - $411.95, similar to that depicted in the Archive entry for this month's Nugget.

AFA85 Power of the Force Coin - $750

So that's the data summary - and this is how it was turned into a bracket format for Steve to test Skye's guessing ability on the podcast. I did think going in that the debut card was a strong chance of winning the overall bracket...

Here are the brief parameters I set up to create the bracket:
1. Two pools - Empire and Jedi (though I added a few loose graded figures into this side)
2. Pick a random eBay auction per cardback (or loose figure) to determine winner of that round
3. Can only use auction result once; i.e. then find another sale for that cardback in its next 'round'

Here are my seedings before I collected the data:

Empire Strikes Back Round 1:
41A ungraded v 41D ungraded 
Result: 41A ungraded ($211.50) v 41D ungraded ($175) 
Winner: 41A advances to Final 4.

47 ungraded v 48B  
Result: 47 ($190.89) v 48 ($262.07)
Winner: 48 advances to Final 4.

So this will pit an ESB 41A up against an ESB 48 back

Return of the Jedi Round 1: 
ROTJ 65B AFA85 v AFA90 loose
Result: ROTJ 65B AFA 85 ($123.61) v AFA90 loose ($149.99)
Winner: AFA90 loose advances to Final 4.
ROTJ ungraded v Foreign 
Result: ROTJ ungraded ($76.95) v Foreign (trilogo $63.00) 
Winner: ROTJ ungraded advances to Final 4.

So this will see a graded loose figure up against an ungraded ROTJ MOC in the next round.

Final 4 - Empire Strikes Back
41A v 48 
Result: 41A ($160 - ungraded) v 48 ($62 - ungraded) 
Winner: 41A advances to the championship round. 

Final 4 - Return of the Jedi
AFA Loose v ROTJ ungraded
Result: AFA Loose ($59.99) v ROTJ ungraded ($125) 
Winner: ROTJ ungraded advances to championship round.

41A ungraded v ROTJ ungraded 
Result: 41A ($109.99 ungraded) v ROTJ ungraded ($99.99).
Winner: 41A ungraded

So, I think in summary I may well agree with Skye... the format was confusing and trying to run a bracket with Vintage Star Wars pieces just didn't quite work. But it's recorded here for prosperity.

I will return to the normal format with Luke Hoth next time. Wampa Wampa!!

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