Monday, October 20, 2014

Star Wars Prop on Antiques Roadshow

Tommy writes:

The BBC version of Antiques Roadshow recently showcased an item which would appeal to most collectors, a prop TIE Pilot helmet from The Empire Strikes Back. Perhaps almost as interesting as the prop itself is the discussion it opens up about the value of that "bit of plastic" and what many saw as a dismissive attitude from the host of the series towards the hobby. An article about the segment can be found here:

Bit of Plastic

So, what do we think? Is the prop truly worth that or is it just an example of collectors being crazy and inflating the market?


  1. This item is truly amazing. Stunning in fact. The antiques roadshow is really a programme for senior citizens to bring their antiques passed down from generations to get a valuation. I'm sure that staging goes on. I'm really surprised that this appeared as I can't see how it fits into the antique category. Would you be happy being described as an antique aged 37?
    Regardless, £50,000 is a lot of money. My house cost just over half that amount! I could never justify spending that amount of money on a prop - it's a lot more than a piece of plastic.
    However, when you put this into context and look at what is selling recently and at what price (3 packs etc.) to me this is far more iconic and has bigger history. What would you rather have - a full set of 3 packs or one of these beauties? It's all down to the individual but personally I think every SW fan can relate to this prop, other SW merchandise appeals to much fewer therefore the price is entirely justified.

  2. Im sure it was staged to publicly declare an assigned value to it, isnt this the same helmet in the prop store of londons upcoming live auction?